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OnSugar Blog: Famous Firsts

Lots of moms like to think out loud and Samsmommy81 is one of them. In the latest post to her Surviving Sam blog she reflects on a life full of firsts with her lil girl.

First dirty diaper, first smile, first Christmas, first laugh...all of which are some exciting "firsts" that have happened thus far in Samantha's 6 months of life.  I think they've all been more exciting for us as new parents. We just experienced Sam's first Easter, which was definitely memorable for everyone. Sam received many first Easter gifts (including chocolate...for which my husband is truly grateful) and she took her first photo with the Easter bunny!  

I realized however, that it's not just the "first" moments that will be fun from now on. Every holiday, every milestone, every tradition have taken on a whole new meaning now that we have a child of our own. I am excited to share and teach her about the importance of all these events and what they meant to us as we grew up.  We also have the pleasure of creating new traditions with our little girl, just as our parents did for us.


Until recently I never really thought about all of the things that are important for me to pass on to my children. But since Sam is not yet old enough to understand all of this, we wait, and anxiously anticipate her first tooth, her first word, and eventually her first step.

Want to see more? Start following Surviving Sam or start your own OnSugar blog. It's easy, it's free, and we just might feature your content on the site.

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