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Five Easy Ways to Start Your Own Family's Food Revolution 2010-04-05 12:00:49

5 Easy Ways to Start Your Own Family's Food Revolution

Jamie Oliver is an inspiration to folks in West Virginia and beyond, but he shouldn't have had to hop the pond to get our country thinking about what we are putting in our mouths. As parents it is our responsibility to take the necessary steps to ensure that our children lead long and healthy lives. And we can do so by starting our own families' Food Revolution. Here are some things you can do to get started and encourage your kids to care about what they are consuming.

  • Sign the petition!: California is leading the nation in signatures, but every child in every school in every state deserves to eat healthful foods. Add your name and support!
  • Teach your tot to read labels: Once you educate your youngster about ingredients and their effects, the child has the power to choose what goes into their bodies.
  • Make your child your sous chef: Depending on their age, kids make for great sorters, mixers and peelers. Involve them in meal prep early on so when the time comes, they will take pride in manning the burners. In addition to Oliver's cookbook, companies like Handstand Kids make books ($25) with recipes that are fun and easy to execute.
  • Show your kid where real food comes from: Order a local produce box, go visit growers or head out to a nearby farm so your children understand that food comes from nature, the land and their surroundings not factories.
  • Take the time to make new versions of old favorites Create a kid-friendly test kitchen in your home and put time into inventing more nutritious versions of old favorites from whole wheat macaroni with a reduced fat cheese sauce to baked sweet potato fries.
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