The other day I wrote about the five rude things mothers do — most of which are unintentional and come with having kids and very hectic lives. Our readers commented with some of their own mama pet peeves, but many were inconsiderate things all people do. So I've compiled one more list of mum-specific offenses.

  • Shouting Out in Public: Hitting the mall for a shopping stroll changes when tots are in tow. Mums who never said boo before baby suddenly find themselves frantically shouting safety precautions, "Joey, do NOT step on that escalator — you will fall!" or "OMG! Where's Hannah? She was just right next to me. HANNAH? HANNAH?"
  • The Stroller Rollover: Size does matter when it comes to strollers, and since stores have aisles that barely accommodate them, it's impossible for a mama to see every foot or knee cap that is in the way when she swings the buggy around to make an exit. Unfortunately and unintentionally, a stranger's toe occasionally falls victim to the rubber wheel.

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  • Talk, Talk, Talk About Their Tots: Once a woman has kids, they inevitably become the topic of chit chat. What can possibly top having created human beings?
  • Hold Up the Line: Whether mom's in the bathroom stall or the dressing room, peeing and slipping into clothes with an entourage takes a bit longer — especially when the kiddos expect to be entertained.
  • Are Tardy: Getting out the door suddenly takes a little or a lot longer. Last-minute diaper blowouts, spit-up stains, and tot tantrums can set mamas back no matter how much time they've allotted.