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Flat Head Syndrome in Babies

SIDS Campaign Resulting in Many Flat Heads

Back to sleep! The anti-SIDS slogan, which was introduced in 1994, is so ingrained in most moms that they don't give it a second thought when putting their wee ones down for some shut-eye. Though the campaign is credited with preventing 2,000 additional SIDS cases each year for the past 15 years, doctors have determined that one in 40 will develop a flat head.

According to The Journal of Craniofacial Surgery, flat head syndrome can lead to more ear infections, which, in turn, can result in language disorders and learning disabilities. The researchers have seen a 49 to 54 percent increase in these types of ear infections. If a baby appears to develop a flat head, special helmets can help reshape the skull. To see some of our tips for keeping your tot's head round, just click here.

Did your lil one develop a flat head due to sleeping on his back?

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MissSushi MissSushi 7 years
My daughter had a very very very flat head. It wasn't flat enough for her doctor to think any measures needed to be taken, but she did admit that it was borderline.. I don't think i will do back sleeping with the next baby barring any complications. Her head is still very flat, although it has started to round out since she started sleeping on her stomach and side, but since no one in our family has a flat head like that, im hoping its not going to be permenant. When she was younger it was alarmingly flat and very wide at the top.. ugh. I wasn't happy about it, but she didn't fully turn her head when she slept, it was straight to to the ceiling. The doctor kept telling me it was a milestone she had to reach but i don't really put much stock in that, most babies are turning thier heads right home from the hospital. My husband has torticollis, so anon makes me wonder if that might be a problem we are suffering from.. She still doesn't fully turn her head even when sleeping on her stomach, its very much a limited range. I'm going to bring it up again.
Akpril Akpril 7 years
No. I was really worried about this. My dad talked with an engineer who creates the helmets, who told him that while the helmets help reshape the head, they don't get it back to the exact shape it should be and it leads to different pressures on the brain. My baby slept on his back, but I made sure he wasn't laying on the back of his head whenever he was awake. It worked out really well for me. People often tell me my baby has a beautiful head, which is kind of a weird compliment!
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