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Florida Mom Wrestles Down a Shark to Save Daughter (VIDEO)

Florida Mom Wrestles Down a Shark to Save Daughter (VIDEO)

When Valeh Levy and her 15-year-old, Sydney went out for a mother/daughter surf on Florida's New Smyrna Beach earlier this week, she thought they were in for a little fun in the sun. But a shark, crusing shallow waters much earlier in the season than anyone expected, yanked Sydney right off her board and underwater.

Levy did not allow herself to be fazed; she reached right into the water and wrestled her daughter out of the shark's jaws. She later described her mindset during the attack to ABC News, "I said, ‘There’s no way this thing is going to kill my daughter.’"

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MayaOpperman MayaOpperman 5 years
Gosh, shark bites there seem to be as common as blue-bottle stings here!
HannahNewton33449 HannahNewton33449 5 years
I'd like to point out that it says that the shark was in that particular area SOONER than what they are usually seen. It's not as if they had spotted sharks at say 10am and at 10:05am it was out of sight, so they went in. As for the ocean being the sharks territory, licensed drivers etc, all you have to do is walk out your front door and you are in nature. There are deadly spores in the air, bees with victims that don't know they're allergic, Mosquitos with West Nile, ticks with Lyme disease -- you can't say or even compare swimming in the ocean & shark attacks with dog bites, reckless driving to each other. We ALL humans, animals land & sea, insects, micro organisms etc share this 1 world. It's physically impossible to NOT put yourself or your children in danger EVER. Even bringing up such a comment implies that this mom didn't do her job. She pulled her daughter out of the grips of a shark. It's not like she pushed her from a plane with a defective parachute so that she could then dive after her, grabbing & thus saving her by using her no defective chute. Come on people! WAY TO GO MOM! Quick thinking & instincts with a wonderful story of rescue!
KarriMcCoy KarriMcCoy 5 years
Go Mom!!!
AngelicGrimes AngelicGrimes 5 years
That's so awesome that the mother was brave enough to save her child's life!
ReeceCoates ReeceCoates 5 years
Mom Win!
BonnieByrd BonnieByrd 5 years
It is not the same thing to say "why go outside when dogs could attack" or "why drive your car when you could crash" as "why go into the water when there are sharks". Dogs are expected to be properly trained or at the very least restrained when you leave your home. Driving a car also has licensed drivers (whether they should be or not). Of course there are risks there. But Maria is right when she says you are entering another species territory, their home. You have to respect that and as a parent be extremely cautious allowing your children in an area that is known to be heavily populated by sharks. In any case, that mom is amazing! Great job!
MariaCapezio MariaCapezio 5 years
Way to go Mom!!! But people need to remember. The ocean is the home to sharks and if you go into their territory then you take a risk.
DebraGlover DebraGlover 5 years
why go into the water when there are sharks? is the same question as "why drive your car when you can crash." If you live your life in fear of the 'what if's' then you aren't really living. you are existing.
TheresaColomb TheresaColomb 5 years
Thank God she was there to save her lil girl Mom award should go to you
marguareteholt marguareteholt 5 years
Way to go mama!
StephanieAndrade StephanieAndrade 5 years
She did great, and to answer your question about why people go in the water knowing there are sharks... The risk is so rare for an attack and people love the water no matter what
MelissaMumaw MelissaMumaw 5 years
Well good for her! And Sam, the article clearly says sharks are in shallow waters earlier than the norm...
meganbowman meganbowman 5 years
Way to go mom! There's no doubt in my mind that you'll always be your daughters hero :)
Patty65667 Patty65667 5 years
wow! I'd never go in the water again
CoMMember13629239409797 CoMMember13629239409797 5 years
So why would anyone go in the water knowing there are sharks.....
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