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Say "I Do" to These Books About Kids in Weddings

May 9 2014 - 1:37pm

There's no doubt that it's exciting — for a mom and kid alike — when little ones are asked to be in a wedding [1]. But it's also normal for kids to be a little confused and nervous about their roll. One way to help them get ready for their job as ring bearer or flower girl? Books that follow characters going through the same feelings on the big day. Here, we've gathered funny, sweet, and relatable stories that will give them that extra confidence to walk down the aisle with a big smile.

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One Little Flower Girl

With sweet illustrations and rhymes, One Little Flower Girl [3] ($10, originally $13) by Jennifer Dussling starts on the morning of the wedding [4] and goes through all the steps, from dressing to dancing, that she will encounter on the big day. The best part? It also comes with a pouch full of cloth petals that lets her practice her part before the occasion.

Ring Bearer A to Z

Ring Bearer A to Z [5] ($9, originally $11) by Penelope Colville Paine is all about the special role ring bearers have in a wedding [6]. Using each letter of the alphabet to explain important parts about the wedding, the colorful book also features a mirror and a positive message to the little one about himself.

Will You Be My Flower Girl?

In Will You Be My Flower Girl? [7] ($12, originally $15) by Kara Haas, we get to know Kate, who has a very special relationship with her Aunt Sara. Kate is a little confused after Aunt Sara asks her to be her flower girl and not sure what to think of the role. In the colorful book, she discovers what a flower girl is and how exciting and important the role really is.

The Best Ever Ring Bearer

The Best Ever Ring Bearer: All the Best Things About Being in a Wedding [8] ($10, originally $11) by Linda Griffith is all about the fun he will have on the special day. There's the part about wearing a special suit, helping the bride and groom, posing for pictures, and much more.

Pinkalicious: Flower Girl

Little girls familiar with the Pinkalicious series will love to read the funny Pinkalicious: Flower Girl [9] ($2, originally $4) by Victoria Kann if they're in an upcoming wedding [10]. It starts as Pinkalicous overhears her mom on the phone saying that Pinkalicious is going to be a flower girl in her cousin's wedding. She doesn't exactly understand the job, so in typical Pinkalicious-style, she dresses up as flowers and throws flour all over the kitchen to find out what it means.

Emily Is a Flower Girl

Like other books about the topic, Emily Is a Flower Girl [11] ($33) by Claire Masurel explains what little girls can expect as flower girls. But this story introduces a ring bearer so girls know that there will be another young one in the wedding [12] party, and talks about how it's OK for Emily to be nervous about forgetting what to do.

The Ring Bear

In The Ring Bear [13] ($18) by N.L Sharp, Robert's aunt asks him to be in her wedding [14], but he mistakenly thinks he gets to dress up as a bear. When he finds out what it really means, he is a little disappointed but then figures out how exciting the role is and that he can find a way to have fun at the wedding anyway.

10 Cool Things About Being a Ring Bearer

Like you'd expect, 10 Cool Things About Being a Ring Bearer [15] ($9) by Penelope Colville Paine breaks down reasons why the ring bearer should be excited about his role. Simple to follow and meant for kids up to age 8, it lists reasons like "A ring bearer is the groom's special helper."

Flower Girl

Young girls will relate to the main character in Gail Herman's Flower Girl [16] ($4), who worries she will ruin the big day. This book teaches girls about their tasks as a flower girl and assures them that everything will work out.

When I Was a Ring Bearer

In addition to acting as a how-to guide for little boys, When I Was a Ring Bearer [17] ($6, originally $15) by Leigh Crandall doubles as a keepsake book. Within the book are pages for the ring bearer to write down memories, draw pictures, and store his favorite photos from the big day.

The Very Fairy Princess Here Comes the Flower Girl!

Julie Andrews's Here Comes the Flower Girl [18] ($17) helps kids prepare for the worst. When it rains on her aunt's wedding [19] day, it is up to Gerry to bring some sunshine to the occasion.

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