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Flu Shots For Caregivers

Is It Appropriate For Family to Ask Nanny to Get Vaccinated?

Nobody likes to take a sick day if they can avoid it. Seventy-nine percent of LilSugar readers said the duty falls on mama when a caregiver has to cancel. Some families take precautions by encouraging (and even paying for) their nannies to get vaccinated. Pharmacies now sell flu shot gift cards. Would you purchase one?

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BellaH68 BellaH68 6 years
There are little laws regarding medical privacy. A corporation can require that employees be vaccinated, however INQUIRING about a nannys medical record is the issue. Furthermore, should you fire her based upon her refusal to vaccinate, you have grounds for a grand ole lawsuit.
Girl-Jen Girl-Jen 6 years
I am a healthcare worker. I am required to get a flu shot. My employer pays for it. I thought that's how it always went. Now, if I bought a flu shot gift card for a nanny and he or she refused, I'd explain my concerns about the flu, stress handwashing and cleaning, take the card back, and give it to someone else who gets flu shots (mom, aunt, etc.).
lawchick lawchick 6 years
likety - it's $25-30 here (I totally agree that the employer should pay for it!)
snarkypants snarkypants 6 years
yeah it's definitely not illegal...
lickety-split lickety-split 6 years
If I wanted my nanny to do something I'd expect to pay for it. How much could a flu vaccine be, $50 maybe?
Carri Carri 6 years
Getting a flu shot is a personal decision. Demanding someone get a flu shot is just wrong. Asking? Fine. But they should have the right to say no.
lawchick lawchick 6 years
Bella, how would it be illegal? My brother works at a hospital and all employees who come in contact with patients are required to get the flu shot..... Just curious!
BellaH68 BellaH68 6 years
I'm pretty sure that would be illegal.
snarkypants snarkypants 6 years
if a parent thinks it's important, yes it's okay to ASK. but it's not okay to DEMAND that somebody get one.
lawchick lawchick 6 years
All of the caregivers at legit daycares around here are required to get the shot. I don't see why asking your nanny to get one (especially if you pay for it) is any different. Infants under six months old are much more likely than the general population to have serious complications from or even die from the flu, and they aren't old enough to be vaccinated. My husband and I, and the baby's grandparents and uncle (the only people likely to spend much time with her before I return to work at 8 weeks) will all be vaccinated. It's not something that I forced on any of them, but they all decided to do it to help protect the baby, and I appreciate it greatly!
kmckay kmckay 6 years
My husband and I were 100% anti-flushot. I am a teacher and parents and other teachers would constantly lecture me on getting the shot, but I resisted. This flu season, we have a 3 month old and her pediatrician pretty much demanded we both get it. I probably will because I could never forgive myself if she got the flu at her age. However, as much as I hope her caregiver gets the shot, I would never ask that she does. It's her own decision and I would hope that she takes necessary health precautions like frequent washing and disinfecting toys & surfaces.
skigurl skigurl 6 years
No, it's not appropriate. Not because I don't think you don't have the right to keep your child healthy. I don't think it's unfair to ask your nanny to ensure she washes her hands regularly and does the same for the children, but you can still get the flu with the flu shot! I never get the shot and I never will. Example: one woman at my former office went on and on about the benefits of the flu shot, and we all refused to get it but she got it. She's the only one who got the most wicked 2-week flu that year. It's not a fool-proof plan and it interferes with your body in ways that you shouldn't be able to project on another person. It's like making your nanny take birth control either because you don't want her to get knocked up or don't want her to get painful cramps which might affect her work. Not cool.
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