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FlyeBaby Airplane Travel Seat

FlyeBaby Air Tavel Hammock: Kid-Friendly or Are You Kidding?

Ask any traveling mama the hardest part of flying with an infant, and she'll likely say it's finding a place to put her during the flight. For tots under 2 who are traveling as lap babies (meaning not with their own seat), Mom's lap is only so big, and with airlines packing their planes to the gills these days, it's rare to have an empty seat next to you.

For one mama, the solution was obvious — a hammock seat that attaches to the seatback in front of her so baby has a comfortable place to rest and play. With that in mind, FlyeBaby ($45) was born. A sling-like design that includes a five-point harness, FlyeBaby turns almost any airline seat (except an exit row and bulkhead seats) into baby-friendly space. According to the company, the seat can also be used on some dining room chairs to create an instant high chair when traveling. With flight costs steadily increasing and space at a premium, what do you think?

SherriChampagne SherriChampagne 4 years
For those saying you shouldn't fly with infants or young children. I have family that lives 2,000 miles away plus huge age differences between my kids 15yrs apart from oldest to youngest. So I am not, not going to see my family and punish the older ones simply because I have an infant. I would much rather travel with an infant than a 2yr old.
SherriChampagne SherriChampagne 4 years
This looks like it would be amazing for little ones. Wish they had this when my kids were smaller.
Tanya14868563 Tanya14868563 4 years
I bought it and brought my 2 month old on the 3 hour flight from Texas to Wisconsin. She was comfortable, and I didn't have a back ache! Plus paying for another ticket at $400 is rediculous for a tiny child. I had my car seat checked and we were set. I don't think she'll be small enough to use it again- but I plan on using it for the next baby or craigslisting it for a handful of money back =) Very pleased. Just be sure to tighten as much as possible for maximum room. The flight attendants had no issue with it and I flew American.
MeganOliver1369935188 MeganOliver1369935188 4 years
I wish "not flying with your baby" and waiting until they are older were an option. There is nothing more stressful than flying with a baby, (or a toddler). Unfortunately if you have a loved one that is ill, or some kind of family emergency, that isn't always an option.
ChetMC ChetMC 4 years
If you want a place to put your baby on an aeroplane you should buy them a seat and bring an approved carseat. We have flown a lot with young children, and I believe very strongly in the benefits of bringing carseats on planes. Safety debate aside, babies and toddlers don't expect to get out of their carseat while in transit so they're often more willing to stay put and hopefully fall asleep. More often than not, you need a carseat when you arrive at your destination anyway. I also agree with LauraFarrell488 as well that it looks like this should only be allowed in a window seat - and I'd like to add that if the airline isn't familiar with it and it's not covered with the appropriate stickers and labels you're very likely to get stopped from using it. We've been hassled on international flights when flight attendants simply weren't familiar with our carseats, fortunately, my husband is a hobby pilot and actually had documentation of regulations with him that proved we could use the seats.
ChrisShepperd ChrisShepperd 4 years
The easy answer is not to fly with a baby, wait until they are older.
LauraFarrell488 LauraFarrell488 4 years
This seems like a great idea for small infants BUT is it actually allowed by the airline? I have traveled MANY times with my kids, and nothing is allowed in the middle or isle seats that would interfere with other passengers getting out in case of emergency. For example, car seats are only allowed in the window seats. This seems like it would be something that the airlines would not actually approve of. For me, the real solution is a good wrap (carrier)
CoMMember13627405542584 CoMMember13627405542584 4 years
...I also like that it has a full harness system to help keep the baby from falling out.
CoMMember13627405542584 CoMMember13627405542584 4 years
If it helps keep the baby happy then I'm all for it! Flying with a baby is stressful, you never know if it's going to be smooth sailing or a complete and total nightmare.
AnitaBarry AnitaBarry 4 years
I love this idea... for little babies. It would be all well and good until the person in front of you decided to lay their seat back!
JenniferCarlson70367 JenniferCarlson70367 4 years
It looks like it would be great for tiny infants...but wouldn't work so well with infants 4 months and up.
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