Another weekend, another wedding. Last night, my husband and I flew from San Francisco to Martha's Vineyard for another nuptial filled weekend. Excited as I am for the celebrations, I am never thrilled for the brutal red-eye.

To make life a little easier, I brought a pregnant woman's goody bag on board with me. Here's what it included:

  • Knee high socks to help blood circulation in my legs.
  • Bottles of water (purchased after security, of course!)
  • Snacks — low sodium because less dehydration is best.

To see the rest of my list,


  • Tums and Tylenol in case I started to feel ill.
  • Headphones, earplugs and my iPod to block out the noise.
  • Books, magazines, DVD Player — anything to entertain me in case sleep was out of the question.
  • Pillows — a donut one for my neck and a small one for my back.
  • Slippers so I could rest comfortably and get up and walk around with ease.

A long skirt or dress is a dream to wear on a plane as you can relax in nearly every imaginable position — seat permitting. Also, if you are flying during mealtimes, check ahead of time to see if you can request a vegetarian option. They tend to be rather bland, which can often keep a mother-to-be less nauseated than the other options.

If you have some flying tips, share them in the comments below!