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Forever 21 Pulls 'Allergic to Algebra' Girls' Tees (PHOTO)

Forever 21 Pulls 'Allergic to Algebra' Girls' Tees (PHOTO)

Forever 21 Pulls 'Allergic to Algebra' Girls' Tees (PHOTO)

Once again, a major retailer embellishes girls' t-shirts with a sexist slogan and then pulls the shirts from shelves after receiving complaints from consumers and activists.

The LA-based Forever 21 chain, which specializes in inexpensive, trendy clothing, is selling a slew of anti-education shirts this season, with messages ranging from "Skool sucks”  to ”I heart school" (on the front) and "not…” on the back. Critics (including Reddit readers and signers of a petition at have targeted the algebra-bashing message because it furthers the perception that girls have a harder time with math than boys.

Read the whole story at ABC

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Are there teen girls out there who would wear an "Allergic to Algebra" shirt or is this a publicity stunt?

Image Source: Via Reddit

TeresaSmith33681 TeresaSmith33681 6 years
I find this hilarious. I too am allergic to Algebra and I would buy this shirt for my child. Where was all this complaining when we had Co-Ed Naked shirts or Big Johnson shirts, those shirts were sexually oriented and we were allowed to wear them to school. People need to just get over themselves and relax. We have enough stress in this world right now without worrying about what a shirt says. Hey how about attacking the "Toddlers in Tiara's", those girls wear more make-up and skimpier clothing than some adult women I know.
CoMMember13630804741047 CoMMember13630804741047 6 years
"geet over it"?? If the women of yesterday hadn't been jailed and beaten to get you the right to say that, you would understand why there is a problem with these type slogans. Young people don't get it because they didn't have to live being treated like an idiot not even allowed to DRIVE and men thinking we were "cute" (sarcastically and patronizingly) when we tried to do math or anything else besides cook and clean and make babies! And older folks don't use the internet enough for young people to really understand what the hell it was really like long before they came along. Get over it? We can't get over how we were treateed until we're dead and in our graves. But YOU wouldn't have the rights you have now without us so take THAT to your grave and try seeing it for what it is....subliminal male mindset female bashing!!
DebbiFriedel DebbiFriedel 6 years
Hey I'm 49 yrs old going for a BS & I sooo would wear this shirt!
Jocelyn83934 Jocelyn83934 6 years
Ok first off I am awesome at math and algebra wad my fav but I would've totally wore that shirt! It's funny! It is not sexist! Hardly any teen loves school. Get real people. You can dress your young kids as murderers and like gypsies for Halloween but you wouldn't let your teen wear a shirt that says "I love school. Not." ??!! Another thing if you are so worried a T-SHIRT will have an affect on your teenager's will to go to school then that is parental problem. It is absolutely absurd to think a t-shirt will raise the high school drop out rates.
StephanieChurm StephanieChurm 6 years
I don't see how it's sexist. I wouldn't let my daughter wear it to school but by all means, if she wanted to wear it on the weekend than so be it.
MoniqueDDunlap MoniqueDDunlap 6 years
I'd have to agree that calling this shirt 'sexist' is stretching the imagination. It's a girl's tee that's true but I bet many boys would wear a this shirt if it were available for them.
ChristinaWannamaker ChristinaWannamaker 6 years
i agree w Meg McVeity. Its just a t- shirt
JodiJensen73819 JodiJensen73819 6 years
Wow with everything going on in the world they pick this to complain/slash worry about????
LauraWozniak LauraWozniak 6 years
Whatever! who really cares
CoMMember1361047781215 CoMMember1361047781215 6 years
I think this shirt is cute. I am pretty picky about cheeky things written an childrens T's but this is harmless. It could very well be a boys shirt and there probably is a boys version. i don't find it sexist.
Terri45541 Terri45541 6 years
Katie Rodgers - lol you took the words from my mouth!
JackieLang95869 JackieLang95869 6 years
I think girls (and boys) know exactly who they are and no shirt slogan can depict a persons abilities at math or anything else. It's a damn shirt. I happen to suck at math. I also happen to be a stay at home mom currently in college. Maybe if I wore a shirt saying allergic to the kitchen feminist would get all pissy about that too saying I'm implying women belong in the kitchen. Get the hell over it, its marketing.
MicheleQuinn69875 MicheleQuinn69875 6 years
Seriously, how is this sexist...go to Old Navy, Kohl's, etc and all you see in the boys department are negative regarding school and anybody kevetching about that being sexist? Nope...I jsut don't like them because I think it's a negative message...and I am a school teacher
MarlaHolman MarlaHolman 6 years
Ugh. I took algebra and hated it with a passion. Still hate math. I can do it, but I would agree I am allergic to algebra, it makes me break out in hives!! It's not like it says, "Gee, math is hard...tee heee...."
SherryWilliams37711 SherryWilliams37711 6 years
it's just a shirt
KayleEaley KayleEaley 6 years
Def not a big deal, people need to lighten up big time ... Complaining isn't an attractive hobby
CoMMember13631052080717 CoMMember13631052080717 6 years
Its just a shirt.... get a life. If you don't want your kids to wear it then DON"T BUY IT!!!!
SirenaCampbell SirenaCampbell 6 years
I think people need to shut up and quit complaining or they should fight other shirts like the ones that say I am sexy or Juicy on the butts of pants those are the clothes we should worrying about because of all the sick people out there who act on what they see and feel these none favor to school shirts are minor get rid of the clothes that make these girls look like tramps because men are watching and there are a lot of sick-O's who want to see if what the shirt says is really true
AmberChristy AmberChristy 6 years
Also, to the section of the article that explains that nothing about dissing school is in the **Men's section of the*** store... Whoops. I kind of got ahead of myself. :p
AmberChristy AmberChristy 6 years
I'm so allergic to algebra. However, I never had trouble with any of my other subjects in school. That doesn't make me dumb. That just means I'm not any good with numbers. Big deal. I even graduated college. OH NO! Does that make me dumb?... Yeah, I didn't think so. The hyper sensitivity surrounding so many of these tees and other such slogans is absolutely ridiculous. It's just a shirt. And yes, I'd buy it for myself and I'd buy it for my daughter if she had an aversion to algebra. It's OKAY to not like some subjects in school. It doesn't make you dumb, just normal. Also, to the section of the article that explains that nothing about dissing school is in the store, how about all the t-shirts that state that men are basically God's gift to women or are amazing in bed? Those are kind of offensive and yet NOBODY mentions those! If you're going to remove one tiny little tee because it was misconstrued by the wrong person, then ALL of it needs to go. If none of us can have a sense of humor, what's the point in even trying?
CoMMember13631171261979 CoMMember13631171261979 6 years
Seriously, I teach algebra to eighth graders and I would wear the t-shirt that says "I am allergic to algebra". I think it is hysterical!!
jojoma43739 jojoma43739 6 years
I'm 49 and I'm allergic to algebra! Pick and choose what you want YOUR own kid to wear! and stop whinning!
Sandy76603 Sandy76603 6 years
Not seeing how this shirt is sexist? The article read: " the algebra-bashing message because it furthers the perception that girls have a harder time with math than boys." Hence sexism!
StephanieTroughton StephanieTroughton 6 years
I think that a mountain is being made out of a mole hill here ,I don't see the problem ,what I do have a problem with is young girls dressing like tarts (sorry no other word for it) it is wrong to see a 6 yr old wearing a bikini and I hear they now make high heels for toddlers!!! is this not where our anguish should be focused?? let kids be kids!!
LeahKlabechek LeahKlabechek 6 years
I do not understand this. how is this any different from the I don't get how this is sexist. it is like many other shirts out there. I got my son a shirt from Old Navy that says "Allergic to Homework" how is this any different. If you don't like the shirt then don't buy it but I am sick of people out there deciding for us and not giving WE the consumer the choice. I agree with the PP, how is this worse than Booty shorts and pants that say Juicy on the butt. Come on people.
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