A 23-month-old earned his wings without ever leaving the ground. The child was accidentally left behind while dashing for a flight with his parents and grandparents. All of the adults assumed he was with another member of the group.

Security found the babe wandering between the airport's check point and the boarding gates. The boy did not speak English and was going to travel as a lap child so he was not registered in any system. Since his parents did not realize he was missing, it took a while for personnel to track down the youngster's guardians. To see what happened,


According to CNN report:

The parents were put into telephone contact with the little boy, and Parreno was put on another Air Canada plane to return to Vancouver to get him after the family's flight arrived in Winnipeg, with the airline covering the cost of the two additional flights, she said.

A Tagalog-speaking agent took the boy as his charge until he was reunited with his father. I can't imagine the panic the parents must have felt.

Have you ever lost your child?