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Foster Children Used as AIDS Drug Testers for Two Decades

Foster Children Used as AIDS Drug Testers for Two Decades

Here's a breaking story that makes us even more worried about kids in the foster care system: The Associated Press reports that for the last two decades, HIV-positive children in the foster care system in seven states have participated in risky AIDS drug trials without anyone advocating for them legally. By law, researchers are obligated to appoint advocates for children in government care who participate in medical research, but most of these kids were not given that protection.

As MSNBC reports, some are saying that the drug trials gave the children access to the best treatment and care available, and that as a result their lives were prolonged and improved. Others point to a "'disturbing' higher death rate" among the kids who were given higher doses of a particular experimental drug.

Arthur Caplan, head of medical ethics at the University of Pennsylvania, commented that “When you have the most vulnerable subjects imaginable — kids without parents — you really do have to come in with someone independent, who doesn’t have a dog in this fight."


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Is drug testing on foster kids their best hope for treatment, or an abuse?


Image Source: via MSNBC

JocelynEasonJackson JocelynEasonJackson 5 years
This is so disturbing to me. I felt so bad for these children after reading this. Poor kids, being experimented on by our government.
ChristinaNeily ChristinaNeily 5 years
i was a ward of the court from the time i was 4 1/2 years old until the morning i turned 18 & was forced to leave the grouphome i was currently living in at the time. sadly when u are placed in the system u are seen as a check, not a child. i was fortunate enough to have spent about 8 of those years with my aunt & uncle i never knew. they were amazing, however when my aunt passed away due to cancer i had to check out...emotionally i was over the whole process, i was angry & broken...& went back to fostercare. they dont have the manpower to deal with the problems children in the system are dealing with. i met a few people when i was in & out of fosterhomes & grouphomes that were HIV positive & on experimental drugs. all children are assigned to a case worker...that worker has hundreds of other children on their caseload. they never go to dc visits...your house parents do. technically that worker is only in charge of finding a safe/healthy living environment...if there are no complaints, then no reason to delve too deep because that is just more paperwork for the worker who is dealing with 3X the amount of children a caseload should be. i had a doctor spill acid on my leg, nothing happened to the doctor...i had a dentist drill on my jaw...nothing again. abuse happens on a daily basis in fosterhomes. ive seen relationships with 12 & 13 year olds happen with staff from the home/facility. unless youve been there dont happens, u just dont hear about it.
michellecataldo michellecataldo 5 years
you really believe this crap? some of these articles are nuts!
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