Mommy Dearest,

I am at a loss for words after a playdate at the park with a few of my two-year-old son's friends and their families.  One set of parents used four-letter words so frequently and freely that a child (not their own) started repeating one of the words, even screaming it, for attention. The cursing couple thought it was funny.  I told them that my husband and I try to curb the use of swearing in our home and don't focus on it if we do slip up so our kids don't pick up the poor language choice. The mom and dad still didn't get the hint and kept using profanity in front of the children. How would you have handled the situation?

– Clean-Mouthed Mommy

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Clean-Mouthed Mommy,

The rules you set in your own home cannot be forced on others when you leave your abode. But, it's certainly appropriate to politely ask fellow parents to curtail their foul language in your children's presence and explain the reasons behind your request. If your friends continue to curse, you might want to limit your time with them to adult only outings.

—Mommy Dearest   

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