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14 Crafts For Fireworks Fun, Without the Fire

Jun 30 2016 - 12:35pm

Whether you live in a place with a no-fireworks rule or just don't feel comfortable letting your lil ones near anything with imminent burn potential, it is possible to have a fun fireworks experience — minus the fire — this Fourth of July [1]. Create imitation sparklers with silver pipe cleaners, make exploding confetti balloons, or use doilies to create firework art. Keep clicking for 14 great firework crafts [2] that will keep your kids safe and smiling!

Fourth of July Rockets

While these paper rockets [3] were designed as Fourth of July favor packages, they could also be filled with confetti or glitter to make for a fireworks-type explosion.

Fireworks Ring

Let your child make themselves a little bit of bling with these metallic pipe-cleaner fireworks rings [4] (just watch out for the pointy ends!).

Firecracker Noisemaker

Make some (safe) noise with these DIY noisemakers [5] that look just like little firecrackers. Use Fourth of July decorative paper to wrap it in, or make it truly DIY [6] and have your littles color their own firecracker.

Candy Fireworks

Rolls of candy like Rolos, Mentos, and Sweet Tarts are transformed into fun faux fireworks in 30 Minute Crafts' cute candy fireworks craft [7].

Porcupine Ball Fireworks

Porcupine balls, paint, and glitter turn a plain piece of paper into a crafty fireworks explosion [8], thanks to some imagination from Rust & Sunshine.

Fireworks Flowers

These paper flowers [9] might look like exploding fireworks, but they're actually made of watercolor-painted coffee filters!

Doily Fireworks

All you need to create this sparkling firework art [10] are glitter or shimmer paint, doilies, and paper. Easy and awesome!

Paper Sparklers

Make the most of drinking straws and tissue paper and craft up some paper sparklers [11] for your kids to run around with on the Fourth!

Glue and Sand Fireworks

Blow diluted crafts glue through a straw onto a sheet of black foam to create starburst shapes. Then sprinkle colored sand on the glue, and voilà, you have your very own fireworks display [12].

Confetti Balloons

Confetti-filled balloons [13] allow a big explosion without any fire. Just use a funnel to pour confetti into a balloon until it's a quarter full, then inflate it with a hand pump. You can even pop them indoors!

Pipe-Cleaner Sparklers

Wind together red, blue, and silver pipe cleaners to create faux "sparklers" [14] — all the fun, without the fire.

Fireworks T-Shirts

Grab a white tee, Sharpie markers, rubbing alcohol, a small dish or cup, an eye dropper, newspaper, and an iron, and you'll have everything you need to make a fireworks t-shirt with your lil one. It's surprisingly easy, and you can get step-by-step instructions here [15].

Cupcake-Liner Fireworks

Gather black construction paper, cupcake liners, markers, glitter, scissors, and glue, and follow these instructions [16] to create these cute paper fireworks.

Fireworks Centerpiece

Glittered card stock, shish kebab sticks, and straws are all you need to make this cool fireworks centerpiece [17], which we're betting your kids will love to pull apart and play with!

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