Generations of my family members have been born in hospitals so when I got pregnant with my first two children, I felt conventional medicine was my only option though I briefly entertained the idea of a water birth with my daughter. But, now with baby number three set to arrive in late September, I want to make my last delivery an experience to remember so I've decided to freebirth my baby at home.

My husband was shocked when I first ran the plan by him as I've long been an advocate of babies making their debut in the close proximity of a NICU — especially after a second scare with my son not breathing when he arrived. I gasped when I initially heard about the controversial concept of freebirthing — which is when mothers choose to have their babies at home, in most cases unassisted by doctors or doulas and sometimes even spouses or family members, but had a change of heart after watching an incredibly moving documentary about the process. To see what influenced my decision,


Happy April Fools'! While I understand that some women believe in freebirth, as a cautious mama — I'm not willing to take any chances with my delivery. My third baby will make his or her debut at the same leading medical center that my other two did.