My, how times have changed. Ages ago, men were expected to sit in the waiting room at the hospital. Cigar in hand, pacing the floors, they were retrieved when their wives finally gave birth to their little bundles of joy. Fast forward a few decades and the fathers are the biggest cheerleader in the room yelling, "Push honey! You can do it. You're doing great!" Just when it seems entering parenthood as a team is the norm, a French doctor claims it should be done by the woman in a solo environment. Obstetrician Michel Odent believes a male presence can complicate the labor. He said:

Having been involved for more than 50 years in childbirths in homes and hospitals in France, England and Africa, the best environment I know for an easy birth is when there is nobody around the woman in labor apart from a silent, low-profile and experienced midwife... Oxytocin is the love drug which helps the woman give birth and bond with her baby. But it is also a shy hormone and it does not come out when she is surrounded by people and technology. This is what we need to start understanding.

So what do you say — bring papa in or take him out?