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Do You Want to Build Some Lunches? 10 Works of Frozen Food Art

Jul 1 2014 - 6:46am

Although the film was released in November, kids continue to go crazy over Frozen. They sing every song [1], style their hair like Elsa and Anna [2], and create the cutest Frozen crafts [3]. Heck, they literally eat up the film! From sweet breakfasts to savory snacks, there are plenty of fun ways to incorporate your child's favorite film into their food. Scroll through to see some beautiful (and tasty) works of Frozen food art.

Source: Instagram user mama_makes_imbento [4], Instagram user leesamantha [5], Instagram user littlemissbento [6], Instagram user kitchenfunwithmy3sons [7], Instagram user anne2matthew [8], and The Joys of Boys [9]

Reindeer Games

Kids' mouths will water over this Sven-inspired dish [10] from The Joys of Boys.

Source: The Joys of Boys [11]

Sweet Snowman

What better way to start the day than with a pancake Olaf?

Source: Instagram user kitchenfunwithmy3sons [12]

Sibling Rivalry

Turn a bland breakfast of toast and fruit into a Frozen family portrait.

Source: Instagram user anne2matthew [13]

All-in-One Olaf

This bento box provides the perfect amount of rice, veggies, and meat.

Source: Instagram user mama_makes_imbento [14]

Veggie Anna

All you need to make an edible Anna are some salad staples.

Source: Crazy Mama's Blog [15]

Ella's Enchanted Forest

Warm up your tot with this cute Elsa-inspired creation.

Source: Instagram user leesamantha [16]

One Tasty Olaf

If you think Bento Monster's edible Olaf [17] is cute, wait till you see her Anna bento box [18].

Source: Bento Monsters [19]

Sven Sandwich

The Trials of Pinterest says you can use any ingredients to create this Frozen sandwich [20].

Source: The Trials of Pinterest [21]

Let It Dough?

The key to Lunchbox Dad's Elsa sandwich [22] — yummy dough!

Source: Lunchbox Dad [23]

Bento Battle

If your kids can't decide between Elsa and Olaf, serve smaller versions of both!

Source: Instagram user littlemissbento [24]

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