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Funny Back to School Anthem For Parents

Let This Be Your Back-to-School, Don't-Let-the-Door-Hit-Ya-on-the-Way-Out Anthem

There are two types of parents: those who tearfully mourn the day their precious child goes back to school, and those who help give their rugrat a swift push on their way out the door.

For that latter mom and dad, the Holderness family has a back-to-school anthem that most definitely speaks to you.

This "In Da Tub" 50 Cent parody is what every exhausted, burnt-out caregiver needs after a long Summer; plus, it gives rookie parents a handy guide for how to spend those six-ish hours of freedom — vegging out on the couch with contraband snacks! reading a whole magazine article on the toilet by yourself! — before you have to pick them up from school.

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