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Funny Holderness Music Video About Lazy Elf on the Shelf

Family's Hilarious Video Asks, "Why Is Our Elf on the Shelf So Lazy?," and Well, We Know Why

Our Elf is Lazy

Our Elf just STAYS on the shelf. The kids always ask us, "Why is our Elf so lazy?" Here's our answer. #sorrynotsorry

Posted by Holderness Family Music on Thursday, November 29, 2018

It's Elf on the Shelf season, which can only mean one thing: in the midst of getting all of your holiday ducks in a row — gifts, party planning, family photos, holiday cards — you're also trying desperately to remember that your kids' elf needs to be moved every day. Some parents move their elves without fail, creating elaborate scenes or putting them in funny positions, while others go the simple Elf on the Shelf route. For the Holderness family, however, Elf on the Shelf season is just how it sounds: they have an elf named Buddy who sits sometimes on a shelf, sometimes on a tray in the kitchen.

In a hilarious music video, mom Kim and dad Penn sing about how their particular elf got so lazy. "He's been here for a week and hasn't moved once," their son, Penn Charles, says in the opening of the video, before his dad starts to sing. "You say our elf is lazy. Lazy? That's not true. He's just doing the best he can, just like me and you. Elves fly 10,000 miles a day, their schedules are kind of berserk. Then every day they pose a different way — seems like a lot of work."

LOL, yes, quite a lot of work.

Hear the hilarious song in full, followed by an adorable interview with Penn Charles about his lazy elf, above — if you, too, have a lazy elf, you're about to feel soooo seen.

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