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Funny Mom Challenges School Over Sexist Request

Funny Mom Challenges School Over Sexist Request

Have you ever spoken out at your child's school  and then wished you could change your words?

When writer Karen Mangiacotti got a request from her child's school for help setting up some heavy science equipment, and when she saw that the request was addressed only to dads, she wanted to know why moms weren't included. She responded with her characteristic humor, only to become known in the school community as "Penis Mom."

Dear teachers and parents:

Are you guys seriously only asking for Dads?

Is lifting done with a penis?

Thoughtfully yours,


Read the whole story (Huffington Post)

Do the moms at your child's school do the heavy lifting?

Image Source: Perfecto Insecto via Flickr/Creative Commons

KristenRussett KristenRussett 5 years
This just made me laugh; good for her! It's frustrating when society assumes that women are the weaker sex when I know plenty of men who are not stronger than me.
LauraHancock90726 LauraHancock90726 5 years
Good God. People are overreacting. It was humor for goodness' sake. Let it go....I personally think it's funny.
ChandraKotzatoski ChandraKotzatoski 5 years
I wouldn't have been offended if I had gotten that email. Men are *generally* stronger than women. Have you ever seen the blocks they use on trebuchets? They use bulldozers to move them. I don't see what the big deal is.
danatigerart danatigerart 5 years
I was an armwrestling champ in my younger days and could beat the entire football team. I loved my physical strength. Hated sexism. I'm a mom of two (boy and girl highschoolers) who I've done my dangedess to represent, promote and be proud of strong women/girls in life and art. I appreciate the voice of "Positive Mom" in raising the subject.
JenniferDuffy JenniferDuffy 5 years
"Have you ever spoken out at your child's school — and then wished you could change your words?" OMG ALL the time. It's especially hard living so close to my parents so I "hear it" when I do something like this.
BekkaDini BekkaDini 5 years
It's called humor people!! She's not jumping up on a soapbox advocating women's rights. Everybody just calm down! See it for what it was... Funny!!
ChristineAkers ChristineAkers 5 years
Felicia, I'm curious, which part of the DNA shows women to be "genetically dispositioned to care"? Have you read or know of any scientific research for this?
CoMMember13627184219372 CoMMember13627184219372 5 years
I was sadened by this article. Men are genetically dispositioned to be stronger than women, in the same way women are genetically dispositioned to care. I hope you have a chance to help at your child's school to care and support all those beautiful little souls, and nurture as women do best. I'm not a girly girl either and love getting my hands dirty, but I leave the heavy stuff to Hubby cause he doesn't put his back out doing it. :)
SophieKendall SophieKendall 5 years
They probably asked for Dads because men are generally stronger and more willing to do mucky, hard tasks. Personally I'm not a feminine woman at all, in any respect. I don't wear make up, jewellery, get dressed up or spend hours on my hair. And I don't take offence to them asking for male help. It makes scientific sense, and honestly I think there would be outrage had they NOT asked for men to help. I'm not saying we all have to be dainty and hide in the kitchen, but that is a very male task, and I'd rather let my husband handle something I KNOW he can do better than me.
MicheleDahlberg MicheleDahlberg 5 years
It didn't seem like the request was ONLY for dads to me. As in exclusively. It seems to me like they wanted to include dads specifically not exclude moms.
JeannieCulbertson JeannieCulbertson 5 years
I think I'd change schools lol
KrystalMcKinley KrystalMcKinley 5 years
If you read the whole article, it gets even better. This sounds like something I would unintentionally do. I am the proud Mon of a daughter who has a "tomboy" streak, but loves "girlie" things too. We have never told her "No, that is for boys. She even chose the Toy Story decorated Pull-ups for a time because she loves those movies. It is her decision. She likes wearing comfy knit dresses (with leggings or short so shecan hang upside down) and always chooses a Disney Princess for Halloween. She lives to build huge towers with blocks and gets muddy outside.
JennaKing26603 JennaKing26603 5 years
That's funny, but really, I don't mind at all if the men do the heavy lifting. I personally find it difficult to lift things that weight almost as much as I do, which is around 100 pounds, but my husband can lift things like that like they are a feather. Gee, wonder why they would ask the dads and not the moms.
NicheleMason NicheleMason 5 years
very interesting.
VickyCole VickyCole 5 years
Hahahaha! She's funny!
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