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GE Introduces New Portable Ultrasound Device

Oh Baby! Would You Buy a Portable Ultrasound Gadget?

How many of you thought Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise were crazy for reportedly having their very own ultrasound machine in their home? Well get ready to call the rest of the population nuts because the world's about to get x-ray happy with General Electric's newest gadget. Expectant ladies who want to swoon over their unborn baby will soon be able do so in the luxury of their own home.

Thirty years ago, women were only given ultrasounds in high-risk pregnancies or rare circumstances. In modern day, most pregnant mamas have the chance to view their growing babe at least three times and often much more than that. Antsy pant parents who fret about the fetus may go gaga for the new portable ultrasound device introduced by GE. Reportedly the size of a BlackBerry and inexpensive, the monitor can scan the body as well as if she were sitting in her doctor's office. Now that's not saying the mother-to-be will have a clue what she's looking at, but it may bring comfort and peace of mind to know she sees some black and white flutter action in her abdomen. Do tell, if the price were right, would you buy such a gadget for your expectant days?

Photo courtesy of CNET

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