A friend of mine asked me if I would install a GPS chip in my child if I could. I immediately thought "no." It's a lil too "big brother" for my taste and we've managed alright without one so far.

There would certainly be perks to having such technology like being able to locate children if they went missing. In that sense, it seems like a no brainer. The mysteries of Caylee Anthony and Madeline McCann might already be solved if the girls had such chips. But, I have a hard time believing most parents would use such information on a "need to know" basis. If a teenage girl goes to prom and misses curfew by an hour, her father might be tempted to log on and see where she and her date are spending the evening. In instances like these, I think the chip would hinder a child's ability to flourish as the gift of independence and trust is not entirely granted.

Would you consider implanting a GPS chip into your child's body? Why or why not?