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7 Reasons Why We're Ga Ga For Geek-Chic Babies

Feb 16 2013 - 5:46am

Baby brainiacs, you're in luck! Nowadays, it's hip to be a square, and we've found seven adorable pieces for little ones that prove that geek can indeed be chic. Whether you're into crossword puzzles or retro arcade games, there's a way for your tot to join in on the fun and let his or her geek flag fly!

Goodnight iPad

The perfect parody for hi-tech tots, Goodnight iPad [1] ($10, originally $15) is the classic bedtime story for the new generation.

Uncommon Goods Word Search and Crossword Puzzle Onesies

Sharpen your pencils (and your wordsmith skills) with one of these Uncommon Goods onesies [2] ($25) for quickly developing little minds.

Uncommon Goods Acute Angel Bib

We've met a lot of cute little angels, but it takes an extra-special baby to rock this Acute Angel bib [3] ($17) from Uncommon Goods.

SemiAffection Pocket Protector Onesie

Train him to get used to the feeling of thick-rimmed glasses, a graphing calculator, and pens in his shirt pocket with semiAffection's hand-embroidered Pocket Protector Onesie [4] ($16).

The Happy Hoot's Geek Owl Onesie

Let your little one's originality shine through in his or her one-of-a-kind Geek Owl Onesie [5] ($28) from The Happy Hoot. Each owl appliqué is hand-cut (no pattern!) for an especially original look.

Ellie Shea's Baby Geek Onesie

Go old-school with this adorable Baby Geek Onesie [6] ($20) by Ellie Shea. Featuring retro fave Pac-Man, the bodysuit can also be made with a red bow for a Ms. Pac-Man-loving little girl.

Laddies and Lasses Plaid Necktie Onesie

Proof that even geeks can be stylish, Laddies and Lasses' Plaid Necktie Onesie [7] ($14) features on-trend red-and-blue gingham. And is that a Windsor knot we see?

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