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babysugar Diaries: It Was All Yellow

There are many myths about predicting an unborn baby's gender. From dangling a ring above the belly to craving sweets or meats, I've tested almost all of them to guess my child's sex. Recently, a mom friend of mine asked me a list of questions hoping to gain insight into the boy versus girl world. Her last question threw me for a loop. She quizzed me, "Is your pee bright yellow?" Surprised by the query, I said, "Funny you should ask. . . just this morning I was surprised that it was almost Gatorade-like yellow!" She said, "BOY! I'm calling it now. It's a boy!"

She claimed that her son's pregnancy brought out a plethora of neon yellow fluids unlike her daughter. I thought maybe I was dehydrated and she agreed that was her initial reaction, too. But after months of it, she concluded it was the baby's sex. I guess we shall see in a couple of short months what the outcome is. But I'm dying to know, did any of you experience the "yellow" phenomenon?

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alliereid alliereid 8 years
My pee is neon yellow as well but I'm having a Girl...
alikat07 alikat07 8 years
I'm thinking this one is not accurate! My nutrition professor in college called yellow pee expensive pee, because often it is your body flushing out the water soluble vitamins. Either that or you are a bit dehydrated.
roxtarchic roxtarchic 8 years
If your pee is bright yellow... you need to be drinking more water. My doc told me that i should be striving for wheat colored pee... which cracks me up, BUT at the same time it's good to have a goal w/something like that, especially never having been pregnant before. drink up mamma! My cousin is a nurse and told me that the more hydrated I was, the less the labor pains would hurt.... I will completely vouch for that. I was in labor for two days before getting to the hospital, and every time I had a contraction I drank a cup of chammomile tea (or 1/2 a bottle of water)... I didnt think I "really in labor" till that last day, and I practically floated into the delivery room.... and I really think a lot of being able to handle that... was because I was waterlogged!!!
buffyanne buffyanne 8 years
That could just be from your multivitamin & not an indicator of anything else.
macgirl macgirl 8 years
Mine was orange from the prenates as well but only in the am as I took mine at night. I think the first pee of the morning is always more saturated as you don't intake fluids for a long stretch of time.
Greggie Greggie 8 years
Mine was orange from the vitamins all three times.
meandtheo meandtheo 8 years
i had a girl and my pee was neon yellow..but i know it was from the vitamins. i had to go through several vitamins until i found one that didn't make me vomit every time, some made my pee yellow, one made it pinkish....if your pee is dark yellow it is a sign of dehydration, it also has a strong odor.
asdaffodil asdaffodil 8 years
I had a baby boy and my pee was never bright yellow unless I was a bit dehydrated or I peed soon after taking my prenatal vitamin and then it was a bright yellow/green. However, this didn't happen very often.
schnappycat schnappycat 8 years
Yeah, I was told if my pee was yellow that I needed to drink more water to ease dehydration. Then it would be clear. I'm not sure bright yellow pee for long periods is ever very good, especially while pregnant. But maybe I'm confused. I just know what my doctors and doctor husband kept stressing to me.
mariposamonarca mariposamonarca 8 years
mariposamonarca mariposamonarca 8 years
mariposamonarca mariposamonarca 8 years
ufshutterbabe ufshutterbabe 8 years
Super bright neon urine can also indicate excess vitamins being flushed out of your system. I think when you're dehydrated, your urine tends to be a darker, saturated yellow versus super bright neon. I've got no experience in predicting baby gender via pee color though :-p
jessie jessie 8 years
uhh..:rotfl:....i just think she was a bit dehydrated and so are you. :) but i do believe....this is one of the stranger things i've heard about predicting the sex of the baby..
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