There are many myths about predicting an unborn baby's gender. From dangling a ring above the belly to craving sweets or meats, I've tested almost all of them to guess my child's sex. Recently, a mom friend of mine asked me a list of questions hoping to gain insight into the boy versus girl world. Her last question threw me for a loop. She quizzed me, "Is your pee bright yellow?" Surprised by the query, I said, "Funny you should ask. . . just this morning I was surprised that it was almost Gatorade-like yellow!" She said, "BOY! I'm calling it now. It's a boy!"

She claimed that her son's pregnancy brought out a plethora of neon yellow fluids unlike her daughter. I thought maybe I was dehydrated and she agreed that was her initial reaction, too. But after months of it, she concluded it was the baby's sex. I guess we shall see in a couple of short months what the outcome is. But I'm dying to know, did any of you experience the "yellow" phenomenon?