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Gender Reveal With Giant Baby Doing Fortnite Hype Dance

You Will Actually Be Shocked at What Pops Out of the Giant Box During This Gender Reveal

A gender reveal video is starting to go viral on Instagram for being, well, unique. Although the beginning of the video appears run-of-the-mill, featuring mom- and dad-to-be holding colored dust shooters in front of a giant box, the reveal is anything but ordinary. Originally we assumed that giant balloons were going to pop out of the box in time with the clouds of pink or blue dust, but man, were we wrong. Just before the dust shoots into the air, the box starts moving โ€” by itself โ€” and right after the countdown hits "one," a giant baby pops out of the box. Yes, you read that right.

Dressed in an adult-size baby costume, the person that was inside the box comes out ready to party, showing off their best dance moves โ€” namely the "hype" dance from Fortnite โ€” and offering high-fives to everyone celebrating around the box. It's truly a sight to behold. Check out the video above to witness it all for yourself, and find out of the couple is having a girl or boy.

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