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Gender Reveal Party

What's It Going to Bee: Party Announces Baby's Sex

It's not all about the 20-week ultrasound anymore! More and more parents are planning gender reveal parties to find out their baby's sex and share the excitement with family and friends. While some mamas-to-be wait until the child debuts to find out if they should buy pink or blue, others embrace the excuse to party before delivery!

Some moms and dads have the ultrasound technician write the child's sex on a slip of paper that is placed in an envelope. It's then dropped off at a bakery where a cake is baked in the appropriate color and iced to hide the news. When the parents-to-be cut into the sweet treat, they learn about their future offspring. The idea gained national attention when Josh and Anna Duggar cut into a pink cake on the Today Show to learn that they were having a girl. The concept is gaining momentum as more couples opt to hold soirees to celebrate their impending offspring.

Source: Grey Grey Designs

jenstwocents jenstwocents 5 years
I have mixed feelings about these things.  I think it is a cute idea, but I also think it's a big over the top.  Many say it's not about gifts, but I assume for some it is.  A friend is having one soon and she even put her amazon wish list link on the evite.  It's her second child and her first just turned 2.  And it's not just "close friends and family", it's almost everyone she knows. 
Assistant-Community-Manager Assistant-Community-Manager 5 years
My expectant friends had a gender reveal party and released pink balloons from a box labeled, "IT'S A..." - it was so cute and exciting!
Cassie2469482 Cassie2469482 5 years
all of these horrible hateful comments, we are having this party next weekend and the only people on the guest list are our parents the god parents and my aunt and they've already been texting me everyday since my ultrasound trying to get me to peek at the gender, our family is super excited. This is our second baby, we wont be having a baby shower and everyone is hoping it's a girl because we have a boy. gifts are not expected and my mom was the one who thought it would be a sweet idea to share this moment with everyone instead of texting people. Historically in almost every culture there was a huge celebration when the baby was born and you finally got to know the gender, esp. if it was a boy and your first born... we just happen to have the technology to move the joy up to 20 weeks now. It's not an annoying party that we are expecting all our friends to drop everything for and rush over, it's a special moment we will never get to re-do that we are sharing with our family. How did you announce your baby's gender? What if you could have made that moment just a little more special? I would have done it this way with the first if I had thought of it because this makes it more special for my parents who are ridiculously excited... especially since my hubby and I are the only kids reproducing right now!!!
newmommykay newmommykay 5 years
I am having my first baby and I am doing this idea. Instead of a separate party I am doing it as my baby shower. Me and my husband wont know the gender until that day. I love the idea of everyone finding out at the same time. Its more meaningful than sitting in the drs office finding out and getting excited by yourself. Then you have to go and call friends and family. I want to see everyones reaction and their face when they find out. If you cant afford a baker then have one family member or friend bake the cake for you and only they can know the sex of the baby and cant tell anyone else. For gift ideas you can still do your baby registry, scan bottles or wipes or other baby things that you dont need to know the sex for. Scan nuetral colors. If your guests want to get you something big, scan the stroller or crib you like in a nuetral color and have them put that money on a gift card for where its at. Then when you go shopping for it you can buy the pink or the blue colors you want. Thats what I am doing because my husband is in the military so we live 800 miles away from famly and cant drive back all the big stuff. Dont criticize it because of money or greediness. Be creative and think of different ways to make it work. No one said you had to have two parties for it, or spend a ton of money, or that your guests had to bring gifts. You can also just make it a fun get together party. Just because this one person had two separate parties doesnt mean you have to do the exact same thing. Use your imagination people.
MayMommy12 MayMommy12 5 years
You do not bring gifts to a gender reveal party. If anything, its a free dinner with cake for the people invited. I am having a gender reveal dinner, just siblings and grand parents. For me that is 25 people..
marye2021 marye2021 6 years
I think this is a GREAT idea. Too many of these comments are negative. If you don't want to go to a GRP then don't but also don't complain because a couple is really happy about their child. My sister is having one of these and I am SUPER excited about it. No gifts are wanted-- she is doing a gift card for dinner for 2 as one of the things people can win for guessing correctly and a raffle. So it is more of a celebration and thanking of friends and family who are supportive! plus those comments about pricing-- it's called DIY for a reason! I'm doing the banner and my sister is doing the cup cakes herself! little things that won't cost too much at all!
p1qal68 p1qal68 6 years
Please new Mothers-to-be...don't let the negative comments on here change your mind about the gender reveal party!! My only child/daughter is expecting her first child....we are going to have a gender reveal party. This is not about attention seeking self-indulgence. We are so excited about this baby and both sides of the family and their close friends can't wait to find out the gender. It is a very special time that the family wants to share together. It is a very sweet way to make your family and friends feel a part of this blessed event. You can either do simple gifts such as diapers and wipes (inexpensive) or no gifts at all. We are actually doing it more like a dinner party. We will be providing a great meal for everyone and sharing a special surprise. The new Mom and Dad-to-be are going to find out at the same time as everyone else because we all want be surprised! have fun with it. Life it too short...enjoy!
dholloway25 dholloway25 6 years
It's not selfish. And it is not for gifts. I am going to have one once I found out the sex. It will be for immediate family only. Our moms, dads, brothers, and grandparents. It is just a cute way to announce what you are having. I didn't even think about gifts.
Angyll Angyll 6 years
I have actually been to two of these - now they were for second and fourth children - gifts were not required - but at both of them people brought things such as diapers, wipes and general things all new babies need - they were both very fun and not annoying at all - good time with family and friends - can never get enough of that - and I would have bought a gift for each chlid anyway - this way I and the other people who would have too - got to spend some time with the parents - had fun finding out with them the sex - and gave them a gift they can use for their new bundle of joy - FUN!
JustMissy JustMissy 6 years
I love the idea of this!! We decided this is what we want to do instead of a baby shower, I've had my friends offer a baby shower, but honestly most of my friends are struggling, so I'd rather throw a party on my dime. We're buying everything we will need for this baby so I feel like it's inappropriate to let others spend money unnecessarily on OUR child, I understand the whole baby shower concept when a couple or the mother is either struggling or could use the help. That being said I still want to have a celebration for this little life inside of me that I'm already SO madly in love with, and I love to throw a good party! And it will be for our closest friends and family, they all know how I feel about the whole baby shower/ gift thing, and since ill be keeping this a small event, for my out of town friends I've made sure if they wish to come I'll take care of the travel expenses, everyones situations are different and In my opinion I love this idea, it fits me and is a perfect way to celebrate and bring the people I love together. Though I am waiting until I'm 6 months to have the party I agree that 20 weeks just seems early.
lauren lauren 6 years
One of my friends wanted to share the surprise of the gender of their baby with immediate family and friends at dinner. Rather than have a pricey cake with the gender surprise. They went to their local Nordstrom and gave one of the sales people the envelope and asked them to pick out a gender specific outfit under the designated price limit. The sale person than wrapped it up without the couple ever seeing it and they revealed the gender to the family once they unwrapped it. It was a super low key dinner but a really nice way to have everyone share in their surprise.
lilkimbo lilkimbo 7 years
:rotfl: Thanks for the good laugh, Steph!
WeAreOverIt WeAreOverIt 7 years
Um, yeah... Our friends found out what they're having and are making a big deal about not telling ANYONE until their "Sex Party" (which is taking place 2 1/2 weeks after they found out). It is ultra annoying. We are boycotting it. A baby shower should be MORE THAN ENOUGH! Then again, we are dealing with the people who need a holiday and/or parade every time something somewhat significant happens in their lives...
Cyrese Cyrese 7 years
haha, this is a cute idea, but i agree with some of the other post; it seems a little greedy to have this party and a baby shower. It would make more sense to have this party later in your pregnancy with your baby shower. When did most of you have your baby shower? I was 34 weeks!
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