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Lots of moms like to think out loud and CherylDee is one of them. On her new OnSugar blog From Lipsticks to Baby Bottles she is documenting her first pregnancy. Here is a portion of her latest installment.

So yesterday was my monthly check up with my Doc to see if our baby is doing well, I'm doing well, etc. I was so excited to go down to see Dr Heng because then I finally got to see my little ninja during the ultrasound scan! The only thing I wasn't looking forward to was taking my blood test. I can take tattoos, I like getting inked. But needles, I can't take needles.

So anyways, when we entered the room to see wonderful Dr. Heng, I passed her the docs and sat down with Sham. She then started to explain that everything of the baby is normal: the size is normal, brain, spine, hands, legs, heartbeat are all normal.


I quote, "Everything is normal, placenta is normal, amniotic fluid normal, and the baby's sex is a boy."
You can only imagine our faces when we heard her say that. So I asked her again.
Cheryl: Sorry Dr. Heng, what did you say the sex of our baby is?
Dr Heng: A baby boy. See that 'XY' there? That's a boy.
Sham: Are you sure it's a boy?
Cheryl: Yeah, are you sure?
Dr Heng: Yeah, that's what it says, why? Were you told otherwise?
Cheryl: Yeah! You told us she's a girl! Now she's a he?
Dr Heng: Oh, come we check again, sometimes, the hospital makes mistakes. They type the wrong sex in by accident.

I was in shock, and clearly, Sham was too. Don't get us wrong, either way, we're happy as long as it's a healthy baby. But we didn't have a name, the clothes we had were in pinks and yellows, and all that bright girlie colors! Can you imagine if we were those parents who already had gotten the baby room prepared? And everything was in pink? And all the clothes were frilly dresses?

So Dr. Heng checked again, and said calmly, "Nope, she's still a girl. If I told you she was a girl before, then she's a girl. Hospital made a mistake, don't panic. Still a little girl."

Want to see the rest of the story? Keep reading and start following From Lipsticks to Baby Bottles. Or, start your own OnSugar blog. It's easy, it's free, and we just might feature your content on our site.

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CherylDee CherylDee 6 years
You lot made me LOL so loud. Thank you Choco-cat for your input. :) I've had my doc run more tests and she confirms that my baby is a girl indeed. The hospital accidently typed in the wrong sex for the baby. But really, either ways, im glad so long as my baby is strong and healthy, it doesnt matter if its a boy or a girl. A gift none the less right? :D My next check up would be on valentines day, So i'll be sure to check with my docs again if she's still a girl. :) Thank you all so much for your advices. It is much appreciated.
chicagojlo chicagojlo 6 years
I had my doctor check at every ultrasound to make sure it was still a girl/boy during each of my pregnancies. I was so scared they would get it wrong!
Choco-cat Choco-cat 6 years
um, maybe you shouldn't get such "girly" stuff for a baby, then it won't be an issue what sex the baby is.
CherylDee CherylDee 6 years
Hey there! Thank you so much for stopping by for a read! :) and thank you so much for your advice. My doc didn't mention anything but i'm worried, so i'll be heeding your advice, and going to be on the bed more. Again, thank you so much! :) Do leave your name next time! :)
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