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Germans Object to Barbie Dreamhouse

Berlin Boycotts Barbie Dreamhouse

While some girls might consider Barbie's Dreamhouse fit for a princess, some feminists in Germany are protesting the life-size replica of the toy estate, CNN reports.

Located in Berlin's Alexanderplatz, the 27,000-square-foot Dreamhouse is supposed to showcase Barbie's Malibu lifestyle, with makeup, kitchen, and wardrobe rooms, plus a runway and real cafe in which visitors can dine. But protesters complain that Barbie contributes to sexism, racism, and body issues for girls.

The house "is the expression of a conventional role model that isn't OK," Socialist Alternative editor Michael Koschitzki said.


In addition to the protest, the buzz in Berlin has yielded an "Occupy Barbie Dreamhouse" Facebook page, which features a dark-haired girl saying "I can't stand pink!"

The "Barbie the Dreamhouse Experience" in Berlin is the first in what is planned as a European house tour. A US Dreamhouse opened last week in Florida, CNN reports.

Source: CNN
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josiemudasiru josiemudasiru 3 years

Why can't we just enjoy this?Why do we have to read meanings into everything?

Sandra14334467 Sandra14334467 4 years
Oh come on, does this mean Disneyland should be closed ? We know Barbie is imaginary? It should be fun.
ErinLoper ErinLoper 4 years
My daughters favorite Barbie is the veterinarian one. She always talks about wanting to be a vet now but never talks about wanting to look like Barbie. If she did it would be a great opportunity for us to talk about being healthy and that both too big and too little can be unhealthy.
dannicahoskison dannicahoskison 4 years
I'm a feminist and I still think this is ridiculous. People will complain about ANYTHING these days. Let the girls play Barbie and get over it! Lächerlich.
JaimeDequine JaimeDequine 4 years
These feminists leave out the free expression and different opinions of other females. I was never a Barbie fan growing up, but it sounds like the women want all other women and girls to conform to what they think is appropriate or pretty, or acceptable for girls to like and enjoy. Think about the scores of girls who are literally dying to wear the color pink, or wear makeup, or have a career, own their own home...all things Barbie shows you g girls they can have. Is Barbie too skinny? Probably, but there are plenty of super skinny girls that get made fun of in school, too. Barbie is smart, she's athletic (something that all kids should be for their health), and she likes makeup and the color pink. Just because YOU don't like makeup and the color pink doesn't mean that you should label all girls that do dumb, objectified, silly and beneath you. Because that's what kids are seeing when you protest're telling them that they aren't very smart if they CHOOSE to like all things Barbie. Great job.
TineBrok TineBrok 4 years
It's the whole package really, what these folk are protesting is more than just a toy, it's a way of thinking (or not), a way of being. One Barbie toy isn't going to ruin a child's self esteem, but the relentless slew of dolls and crap and technology aimed at undermining our children's childhoods by pushing them into consumerist, sexually precocious pre-adult adulthood is frightening. Girls are vulnerable enough, and boys' veiw of girls needs to be of robust whole dynamic people, not anorexic clothes horses who care about nothing more than a Malibu nightmarehouse and a diamond necklace from Plastic Fantastic Ken. These models of humanity, of feminity, should have been ditched with the fifties, but sadly our kids are having thier innocence stripped away and thier consumerist programming built in from the start now. Sad sad sad. Go outside and build a treehouse girls, play in some mud, DO things! Parents, teach your kids to be active participants in life, not passive recipients of stuff, and they will thank you for a lifetime of emotional resilience. My kids love mud, animals, playing outside, and they are robust and healthy and not remotely greedy for stuff - they have enough in them already.
NancyBlockcolsky NancyBlockcolsky 4 years
My blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl has had Barbies of all skin tones since she was four. Barbie dolls could promote racism if you only buy them in one shade, but since we have so many choices, it's not the dolls that encourage racism (it's the people purchasing them who make the decisions which ones to buy). Barbies of all skin tones are available at our local Wal Mart. In our small town, I'm sure some people raised their eyebrows at the sight of a little white girl with dark Barbies, but we didn't care. Her dark-skinned Barbies are as important to her as the light-skinned ones. And some people may not have noticed, but some of the Barbie dolls have more realistic proportions now. Many do not, but they aren't all outlandishly skinny with huge chests anymore. I think models and media play a much bigger role in children's body images than Barbie dolls do. My final point is that Barbie is somewhat liberated. Many of the dolls have careers now. If you want your daughter to think that it is good for a woman to work outside the home, there are career Barbies--doctors, teachers, and veterinarians are among the ones we have. There are also mother Barbies with babies. If you play with the dolls with your daughter, you can help shape how her play can represent the reality she will grow into. Our daughters' perceptions of beauty, body image, and role in the world does not have to be defined by a doll.
JaniceHaag JaniceHaag 4 years
I had a Midge 'Barbie' with red hair....they come in all colors. Stupid thing to raise a stink over.
Patricia-Anne-Tom Patricia-Anne-Tom 4 years
While a protest is a little over the top, I understand the concern. My good friend has a multi-racial family with a 9-year-old girl. They live in an international community where the girl's best friends come from various countries throughout Europe, Africa and Asia, but few classmates are 100 percent Anglo-Saxon. Just the other day, she surprised her mom and said she wished she were white and had straight blond hair like Barbie. Of course my friend used that comment as a conversation starter about how her daughter is beautiful just as she is. But it was shocking to hear because none of the girl's classmates have straight blond hair, so it must be the dolls that she plays with or images that she's seen in movies or tv that influenced her. And she watches very few movies/tv, so it's safe to assume that the comment was a result of the image she sees in the dolls.
JacyBeye JacyBeye 4 years
they say barbie teaches sexism, and an unhealthy body figure for girls. my question is when was it a toys job to teach children how to be. last i checked it was the parents job to guide the child into an appropriate lifestyle. babrie is one of the most bought toys. if people hate barbie soo much then they need not buy her. if you hate barbie so much then i would guess you hate disney land too because disney princesses are no different. i see no issue with this life size house. i think it would be fun to take my 6 year old to for the day.
JAM282 JAM282 4 years
They also opened a similar exhibit in Sawgrass Mills Mall in Sunrise, FL (it garnered less attention due to lack of protesting at that site, but for those in the U.S. wanting to go that is a much closer option). The intent is for the Berlin exhibit to travel to multiple German cities.
April14377653 April14377653 4 years
I would love to go! Who's with me? Plastic Fantastic! I reckon you'd ban sugary foods afterwards, though. That is a LOT of pink...
RasheedaHancock RasheedaHancock 4 years
They argue that the Barbie image promotes sexism, racism, and body issues for girls. I would like to say that I played with Barbie as girl I loved her, and I still do. I am a slightly overweight African American woman who empowers woman from all walks of life, I am completely confident and comfortable with my body, and I believe we are all Gods children, so that kicks out the racist plea. It is up to us as mothers the insure that our girls posses all of the traits I listed before. If I had the money I would take my daughter to Berlin to enjoy the life sized dreamhouse.
SoniaJoubert SoniaJoubert 4 years
One more thing, my previous post was meant for the protesters. Regarding Barbie, I totally agree that its just a toy! And I love to watch the Barbie-movies with my little girl. I didn't plan on it, but I named her Teresa, cause my Mother's second name is Therese, but I didn't want my girl to struggle with the spelling of her own name, so I changed it a little to make it easier. Its a family name. And she likes that she has the same name as one of Barbie's friends, but she wants to be herself, not like the Teresa-doll! We are a white family, so what! My little girl doesn't see any difference between her and her colored friends, especially if they're girls. She sees everyone as equal. Now I wonder where she could have gotten that idea...let me think...hey, from Mommy and Daddy and the Barbie Movies! Now that is something very positive! I love playing with my girl with her Barbie-dolls, playing dress-up, making up stories-nice ones! I love Barbie-stuff maybe even more than my little girl! LOL! And you wanna know my weight? I weigh 81kg and I'm 1.65m and 32 years old. So what! I love my body as it is! So maybe I don't look like a model, but that's cause I'm not a model, I'm a mommy! Our children get their self esteem and body image not from toys, but from us! Just keep the Barbie Dreamhouse, please. We live in South Africa, so flying is expensive. We might just get to visit the Barbie Dreamhouse in 2 years time. Just keep it as is, please!
SoniaJoubert SoniaJoubert 4 years
I like it! What in the world is wrong with Barbie? In the 80's girls might have felt that they have to look like Barbie. Not anymore! Barbie has friends whom all children from all races can relate to, and even learn moral lessons from! It's not sexist, because there is Ken and his pals, its not racist, what about Nikki and other best friends of Barbie? And the girls want to look like themselves, be themselves, be the best they can be! No more anorexic girls, what about Barbie's friend in the movie "Barbie and the Pink Shoes"? Anyway, pink is a popular color these days, with boys and girls! Boys and Girls do Ballet! Its a nice place to take your kid to. Although mostly girls will like to go there, if they have brothers, I don't think the boys will mind if the family goes there! I truly believe these people protesting are the actual sexists! Leave the Barbie Dreamhouse and everyone that wants to visit it alone! If you don't like it, don't go there! But there is a world full of people who would love to go there and would really enjoy it, and they are not sexist or racist at all! Just ordinary people who like Barbie-stuff! Some people enjoy museums or amusement parks or even ranches. Nothing wrong with that! So why pick on the people who like Barbie-stuff? Now that is so wrong! Leave the Barbie Dreamhouse as is! And stop your wining! If you don't like the Barbie Dreamhouse, why not try to shut down Mattel all together? Hey, and then we who like Barbie stuff can shut down all abortion clinics in all the world! Show you Barbie-haters that we are the better people, cause we always look on the bright side of life!
NancyBovi NancyBovi 4 years
Its a dream house. The world is dark and angry most of the time, what's wrong with some Pink. Everyone always wants to make to much out of nothing. Just enjoy the house for what it is, and let kids enjoy it to. I love Barbie and all she has to offer kids to play with. I played with her and kids still do now, its fun. I would love to go through this house, it's probably amazing!
JacquiFreeman JacquiFreeman 4 years
I agree with JenaDraney. I only have one girl though, and 3 boys. And ALL my kids love the Barbie movies. They are AWESOME. I also have the same rule for 'dress' in our house. And discard any skanky outfits in favour of ones made my nana's and sold online. There are HEAPS of beautiful gowns available to fit Barbie. And yeah, we've never heard ANY talk about Barbies figure. It is what it is... in fact its so ludicrous I doubt my daughter would contemplate wanting to look so random. I'd love to go see this house though!!!
JenaDraney JenaDraney 4 years
Oh...a few things I forgot. At the end of each movie, my girls never comment on how they wish they were as skinny as Barbie, or anything of the sort. They adore the dresses and comment on how beautiful they are. They comment on the lessons Barbie learns and we talk about the storyline and how the lessons could apply to their own lives. I, as a mother, don't purchase many Barbies because of the immodest, mini skirt, lingerie type of clothing that seems to be prevelant with Barbies these days. But if we want to take a stand on that, just don't buy those types of Barbies. We only buy the ones who are dressed respectively, and my girls have all ready accepted that as a rule in our home.
JenaDraney JenaDraney 4 years
I have three daughters and they all love imaginative play with Barbies and love watching Barbie movies. Nearly all of the Barbie movies we have seen provide a good role model for girls. The Barbie portrayed in the movies we have is usually happy, helpful, courageous, likes to have friends and treat them with loyalty and kindness. And some the music is just what it should be for little children, its friendly and fun. We especially like the Princess and the Pauper, a Barbie musical. The songs sound so much like a real musical that you would hear on stage. Barbie almost always wears something sparkly at least once in the movies, but many little girls love dress and glitter. It lets them explore the beauty of their own femininity and interests in regard to being a woman. I would even recommend Barbie movies above Disney princess movies, they put Barbie in roles where she learns valuable lessons about friendship and courage that young people need to learn.
KarieTotten KarieTotten 4 years
Of all the petty things to focus on.....this is just ridiculous! It's a DOLL!!! I played with Barbies, just about every girl I knew played with Barbies, my daughter played with Barbies not so long ago, and all of her friends played with Barbies....and never once have I heard anyone say they wanted to look just like Barbie or have any self esteem issues related to playing with Barbies. My daughter knew it was a doll....a TOY, not some sort of idol to be worshipped! If a small child is saying they are too fat and want to look like a Barbie doll, it's because SOMEONE put those thoughts in their head....not a doll. A doll cannot tell you that you are fat or you have to look a certain way, only people can do that!
JessicaFlannery97845 JessicaFlannery97845 4 years
Heather Williams- Feminists complaining that changing Barbie's body type to be more realistic is a bad thing? Super models have shown that they don't even have Barbie's proportions. I'm assuming that you don't consider yourself a feminist which is too bad because the word means that you think women are equal to men. A little girl in my son's preschool class told her mom that she hates her belly and wishes that her stomach was flat like Barbie's. Heartbreaking. This little girl is adorable and has exactly the body a 4 year old should have without feeling like she needs to look like Barbie.
LauraHetrick LauraHetrick 4 years
Kristina Tramel- I would have to agree with you, thank goodness you are raising a boy, if you think that playing with Barbies causes self-esteem issues. I think it's more the media (ie, magazines, music videos, stars) that create the need for girls to look a certain way than a doll. I was able to play Barbies as a kid and not have self-esteem issues so did my sisters and my niece and my daughter. I tired of all these people always tiring to "police" others. God help us if playing with a doll creates body issues.
JenniferLanum JenniferLanum 4 years
It seems like they should have built this house in California...
NatashaRichardsMassiah NatashaRichardsMassiah 4 years
Ummmm did any one tell the German's that Barbie is not just a mother, but an astronaut, Doctor, Vet, Police woman, and the list goes on. There's nothing Barbie can't do! If that's a negative roll model...what do they consider a positive one?
BethAnnVandevelde BethAnnVandevelde 4 years
Oh My Gosh!!! If you don't like it then go. I wish it was in Canada. My girls and I are Barbie lovers. They don't know how lucky they are to have this!!! My girls and I have no self esteem issues from playing with Barbie. Give it up already it is just a doll. At lease she is not looking like a fluzzy Bratz doll or those horrible Monster dolls.
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