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Germiest Public Places

8 Germiest Public Places

Parents always want to keep germs and colds away from their kids, but where are they likely to pick them up?

The editors of Prevention have ranked the eight germiest public places that are often hosts for viruses and disease-causing microbes like E. coli and fecal bacteria. Among the top spots are restaurant menus and condiments, grocery carts, bathroom soap dispensers, and doctor's offices, ABC News reports. 

In the article, Dr. Kelly Reynolds recommends you always wash your hands before eating, use disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer, and don't assume that you're safe from germs if you pick up something like a condiment dispenser with a napkin.


"Napkins are porous, so microorganisms can pass right through," she says.

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ChetMC ChetMC 4 years
There seems to be increasing evidence that allergies and other immune disorders are the result of our hyper clean environment. The human body is meant to be challenged by bacteria, viruses and parasites. Not to mention the problems with super bugs caused by all of these antibacterial products. I'm not advocating that we all stop washing and live in squalor or anything, but people need to resist the urge the wipe everything they touch down with sanitizer. I agree with SueJackson1365920686, regular people just need to be healthy - eat right, exercise, get enough sleep, reduce stress - and your immune system will do it's job.
SueJackson1365920686 SueJackson1365920686 4 years
The way to fight off germs and sickness is a healthy diet (plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables ) these build up your ammuine, and add odor less garlic tablets to your daily diet to ward off colds and flu.
HeatherKline1130 HeatherKline1130 4 years
I am a germaphobe and I use and keep hand sanitizer everywhere. I use it after I shake one's hand...I use it often at work. I keep my desk and phone sanitized as well as pens used by clientele. I wipe the grocery carts down before using and open bathroom doors with paper towels. I have taught my 6 yr old the same way and we are never sick!!! :-)
LisaLane28811 LisaLane28811 4 years
Exposure to germs builds the immune system. Germaphobes are the one that seem to get sick over the littlest things. Expose your kids to germs! They won't get sick as often.
JenniferRedwine JenniferRedwine 4 years
A germaphobe's worse nightmare! We are too afraid of germs these days. There are much worse things than a few germs.
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