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Gestational Diabetes

Baby Bump: Gestational Diabetes

As a rule of thumb, most OB/GYNs make it their business to tell their expectant patients about the possibility of gestational diabetes.

Not all that common, it can occur for any expectant mama during her nine months with child. Salma Hayek has openly discussed her bout with the complication.

To learn more about the pregnancy condition,


According to WebMD, gestational diabetes is:

A condition characterized by high blood glucose (sugar) levels that is first recognized during pregnancy. When the pancreas cannot produce enough insulin to overcome the effect of the increased hormones during pregnancy, glucose levels will rise, resulting in gestational diabetes.

It is easily diagnosed with the glucose tolerance test, which is usually performed at 24 – 28 weeks. Experienced pregnant women often refer to it as the "orange soda test" since you chug a sweet liquid an hour before having your blood drawn. The test results determine whether the expectant mama suffers from the condition by measuring her glucose levels.

Women afflicted with the condition can usually make changes to their diets, exercise and monitor their blood sugar to ensure a healthy pregnancy.

Luckily for most moms, the diabetic life that has become their own often disappears shortly after birth as hormones and blood glucose levels return to normal. However, as WebMD states:

Women who have endured gestational diabetes in pregnancy have a 40 – 50 percent chance of developing it again in future pregnancies.


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kikidawn kikidawn 9 years
I'm actually going through the monitoring of blood sugar levels right now. It looks like I could be hypoglycemic (low blood sugar levels). I wonder what will happen with that when I do get pregnant.... :ponder:
Greggie Greggie 9 years
I had it with my first and it was diet-controlled. I had no problems with it at all and found the diet easy to follow. Surprisingly, even though once you have it you're almost guaranteed to have it in subsequent pregnancies, I never got it again. However, since it increases your chances of developing diabetes later in life, I'm careful to do other things to lower my risks.
SugarKat SugarKat 9 years
You also have a higher chance of developing diabetes later in life. I had GD and it really was horrible, but I could control it with my diet and even lost weight in the last trimester because of my diet. My daughter was very light and everything worked out, but it was very difficult for me.
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