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Saying goodbye to carefree Summer days can be a bit of a bummer, but there's something exhilarating about Fall and the chance for a fresh start. For kids, it's a time to establish who they want to be in the new year; for parents, it's an opportunity to reassess and reorganize. And shopping for the right back-to-school wardrobe is usually where it all comes together.

Use this helpful checklist below to see if your kid's wardrobe makes the grade, and download a printable copy to simplify your next back-to-school shopping trip.

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One pick we know moms and kids will love? Special back-to-school bonus packs from Fruit of the Loom®. Available at Walmart, Target,, Kmart, and, these limited-time underwear and undershirt packs come in a wide range of colors and patterns, so kids can express themselves with the first thing they put on in the morning. Plus, free bonus items inside make Mom and Dad very happy.

msimon731 msimon731 4 years
I love Fruit of the Loom white tees, SUCH an essential back to school item. SUPER helpful!
caitlinstrang caitlinstrang 4 years
i sent this list to my cousin who used it for her three boys back to school shopping! thanks!
psu09 psu09 4 years
rduysen rduysen 4 years
love this list!!!
robini robini 4 years
great list! makes shopping easier for me!
alf1004 alf1004 4 years
I love this!! All my kids are able to do this fun, educational and interactive quiz!!! I can't wait to use my new checklist for the upcoming Back to School Season!
carlyschneider carlyschneider 4 years
such a comprehensive list!
sclivati sclivati 4 years
Super helpful!
ericatolda ericatolda 4 years
Can never have too many socks for back to school!
Jillyk530 Jillyk530 4 years
adslo adslo 4 years
I wish I had underwear this cool when I was little.
Kjoan4 Kjoan4 4 years
This is so helpful!
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