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"Ghost" Baby Comes to Life with Blood Transfusion (PHOTO)

"Ghost" Baby Comes to Life with Blood Transfusion (PHOTO)

"Ghost" Baby Comes to Life with Blood Transfusion (PHOTO)

Can you imagine giving birth to a deathly pale infant, only to see her make a full recovery as new blood is transfused into her body?

After pregnant U.K. mom Louise Bearman noticed that her baby had stopped kicking, she went to the hospital for an emergency C-section. Her baby, Olivia Norton, emerged 6 weeks early with an extremely low hemoglobin count — so low that her body was "ghost white." Baby Olivia was expected to live just two hours, but in a turn of events that is being called a medical miracle, this little fighter received emergency blood transfusions and recovered.

Olivia's relieved mom told the press, "It was such a relief when the doctors explained what was happening, and it was quite amazing when they put the blood in her and she slowly turned this amazing pink colour. She's such a lovely baby, it means everything having her at home now."


Click here to read the full story (ParentDish UK)

Did you monitor kicks throughout your pregnancies?

Image Source: SWNS via ParentDish

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JMee JMee 5 years
Best of luck to you and your beautiful baby... my daughter also required a blood tranfusion---when we reached the hospital her hemoglobin was at a 4... I was told she would have a full recovery with no future problems... not so lucky though... she is now 12 and she has many emotional problems and a major learning disability. (It's my theory that the low blood count caused a lack of oxygen to the brain.) I hope the best for you and your family ... and for those of you thinking this is an impossible story - it happens, although rarely as a result of RH incompatibility.
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