Why are dads always so tough to shop for? I feel like I give mine the same things year after year — boring books, lame slippers, and a nose hair trimmer.

All of this for a man who taught me to ride a bike, put me through college, and endured my teenage tantrums. This year, dad is going to like his presents — love them even!

  • Most dads shave, even if it's just a trim. And, shaving with disposable razors and gel foam is a thing of the past. Men like to be pampered, too. Give your dad a gift set from The Art of Shaving. He will wonder why he's been a prisoner to the cheap stuff for so long.

  • Show us a dad who doesn't engage in any sport and we'll say, "Liar! Liar!" But really, most men have an affection for one sport or another. Sports Authority is a major chain across America that has everything from golf balls to archery supplies. Treat dad to a piece of equipment or better yet, get him a gift card and let him do the picking.
  • If your dad always reads newspapers and his old standard magazines, surprise him with a subscription to Vanity Fair. He'll thank you for ensuring he's up to speed on all the latest in politics, news and entertainment.
  • Whether he's a gym rat, a tennis pro, or a Sunday afternoon walker, dad will like listening to tunes on the go. He may not need the full kit and caboodle but get him started with the iPod Shuffle from Apple. He can listen to Motown and get groovin' on the treadmill.
  • And while he won't need these for his workouts, if dad's a traveling man, these will come in handy for plane rides. Bose makes the ultimate noise canceling head phones that will block out any crying babies, chatty neighbors, or clanging flight attendants. Dad deserves some R&R every now and then.