She may be having a baby, but you're having a fit over what to get her for the holidays. Since you can't get her what she really wants, her baby, you can wrap up a few things to make the waiting a bit easier on her.

  • Stretch marks are every woman's enemy, but when you've got a bun in the oven you'll try anything to try and keep those pesky spots from appearing. Mustela's Maternity Program Gift Set, which aims to make her skin less vulnerable to permanent marks, will be a welcomed part of her beauty regime.
  • A good pair of comfy pants will bring a smile to any new mommy-to-be's face, especially after a long day in the office. She'll live in these super soft lounge pants from Splendid.
  • Not quite ready to give up her chic style, a newly pregnant mom will love the Mia Bossi Caryn Diaper Bag. Sure, it's pricey, but she'll probably start carrying this gem around well before her baby debuts.