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Grandmothers must have the toughest job buying holiday gifts for their own children and their spouses, grandchildren, great grandchildren and others. Don't let her get swept under the rug with another pair of raggedy old slippers. Show her some love with one of these thoughtful gifts.

  • Nothing says lovin' like cooking with Grams. And chances are, nobody cooks better than her, either. Create memories in the kitchen (and grab a few tips) using the festive gingerbread man tray and enjoy yourselves as you decorate the lil brown fellas.
  • I never met a grandma who didn't have a stash of candy around her house somewhere. Lure her tasty treats onto the pretty silver platter and out of that old outdated crystal dish.
  • I'm sure your Granny knows who the Queen Bee of the family is, but just in case she needs reminding, the gold charm bracelet with the tiara charm will let her know how much she is celebrated and regaled in her family ranks.