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Gifts for Labor and Delivery Nurse

Did You Buy Your Labor and Delivery Nurse a Present?

Everyone has a different experience in the delivery room, but most say labor and delivery nurses are indispensable. Nurses assist from the moment the mama-to-be checks into the hospital until the new babe is bathed, swaddled and eating on his own. They often spend hours coaching the laboring woman to the point of pushing. When mom reaches that state, the doctor takes over for the last 90 minutes and catches the child. While both jobs are vitally important, the nurses are sometimes overlooked as praise is given to the OB/GYN. Other times, families buy the nurses a present to show their gratitude. Did you?

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ilenafreaq ilenafreaq 8 years
my parent's named me after my nurse; lucia
katedavis katedavis 8 years
I bought a bottle of wine for my L&D nurse who helped deliver my son, but we never got back to the hospital to give it to her. :( With my daughter I was a gestational diabetic so when my husband got me cupcakes for after the delivery he brought enough for everyone.
PinkUnicorn PinkUnicorn 8 years
Yeah OK Anonymous number 2. I am just going to hope that you are being sarcastic, otherwise, that is kind of lame unless you are actually a billionaire.
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