Make Your Child the (Rice Krispies) Apple of Her Teacher's Eye

What does every teacher get on the first day of school? An apple. Smiling faces would be more than enough for any educator, but parents often usher them in with a less than shiny fruit that ends up in the teacher's lounge. In an effort to do something fun the night before my daughter's very first day of preschool, together we made Rice Krispies apples that I hope won't be tossed into the compost.

To see how to make these tasty delights,


Using the same ingredients (plus one) that you use for regular Rice Krispies treats, melt the marshmallows and butter in a pan or bowl. Add some red gel dye to the mix. When the mixture is a lush red, add the cereal to the mix and stir. Instead of pouring the mixture into a pan, make baseball size balls and lay them out in pans that can be refrigerated. Once they have cooled off for a little bit, take them out and sculpt them into apple molds. For my stem and leaf, I used a diced up caramel and half of a green sugar candy. Using a straw, poke a small hole on top and add a leaf and a stem. Wrap it up in cellophane and tie a ribbon around it. Attach a card with your child's name and that teacher will be begging for apples year-round!

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