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Girl Banned From School For Dreadlocks

Tulsa School Bans Dreadlocks

School dress codes are implemented to prevent conflict and class differences, but the parents of a 7-year-old Tulsa, OK, girl say her school has gone too far in banning dreadlocks, KOKI-TV reports. According to the parents, they were forced to enroll their daughter, Tiana, in another school because the Deborah Brown Community School's dress code stipulates that "hairstyles such as dreadlocks, afros, and other faddish styles are unacceptable" and school administrators said she did not look presentable.

However, the girl's father, Terrance Parker, who happens to be a barber, disagrees with the notion that she did not look nice, and others in the social networking community argue that the dress code amounts to racism. "Naturally textured hair is not a fad. If this is important, I wouldn't want my child attending this institution. You're teaching every student that black girls must change their natural physical appearance to be accepted and to achieve," one critic wrote on the school's Facebook page.

What do you think of the school's dress code?

Source: KOKI-TV
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Hillary558 Hillary558 3 years
ShavonBrown55423 ShavonBrown55423 3 years
This racism is out of control. I have dreadlocks & love them. For someone to say that to a little child is just mean. Most people with dreadlocks do not carry lice.
marie77686 marie77686 3 years
marie77686 marie77686 3 years
PS Some one has some how changed my user details!! I am under Marie , but I don't live in the USA as I see there is a flag of USA by my name, and I did not place 77686 after my user name?? um suspicious indeed.
marie77686 marie77686 3 years
Character how they work and Behavior should count most Um Sad to Judge any Child by the way they do their hair, what about people with GINGER hair? Most have Black Brown and Blonde. If you died a blonde persons hair to Ginger how would you really know the difference, get the Hair Police on to Families and their kidsLOL! And then their is Albinos with Blonde hair... um where as " Naturally black or darker skinned people have black Hair. Uniforms yes fine, but why do adults want to squeeze the individual out of Children? May not be racism but is Prejudice.
JenniferCovert83938 JenniferCovert83938 3 years
Personally I think this is just ridiculous. It's dumb to make a rule on hairstyles but it's also dumb to call this racist. Did you all even check out the school? The board members are all black and so is the administration and over half the teachers. If people don't like it then try to change it, but you don't just flaunt the rules and then call racism when you don't get your way. If they don't like it then don't send them to charter school that has this rule. It's not something they just came up with out of the air to pick on this little girl. It was in the handbook so the parents should have known better. They also banned dreadlocks, afros, mohawks and anything they consider a faddish style. The boys hair has to be short and neatly trimmed and they can't wear earrings. They even state what color shoes they can and cannot wear and even set standards for parents. These are all in the handbook and if the parents didn't like it then they shouldn't have put her in that school. Wanting their little girl to be an individual is wonderful but you then you don't turn around and teach them to ignore the rules that they don't like or want to follow. Teach them how to go about making changes the right way.
NicoleWinter11247 NicoleWinter11247 3 years
Also, mrsb2013, I find your attitude disturbing to the nth degree. YOU chose to tattoo your neck, you CHOSE to color your hair an unnatural color, you CHOSE to pierce every piece of your face you could get a piece of metal through. Basically, you're claiming that the African American community cannot be racist against one another? Based on what? Overwhelming evidence points to the contrary, some of the most egregious police actions in the "stop & frisk" programs were made by AA officers against AA teens. YES, this rule, is RACIST. There is absolutely nothing not racist about it. You cannot tell a group of people that the things which their hair naturally does, (I cannot believe you had the gall to call it faddish,) is against the rules. No. NO. No. We do not need to teach our children to respect racism. We do not need to tell our children that it is OK to be marginalized because of their natural beauty. Comparing it to the choices you've made on marking, piercing and dyeing every part of your body that you could is the very HEIGHT of privilege.
NicoleWinter11247 NicoleWinter11247 3 years
Having lived with my ex-husband for years... who was an Italian/Swedish guy with a natural 'fro, (what do you call white guys with 'fro's?) I'd like to understand what the alternative would be for young African American boys & girls ... their hair doesn't really do anything else without serious chemical treatment. The options outlined above deemed as unacceptable: they are what their hair does. Basically, yes, they're telling these children that their natural hair is inappropriate for school. How this is seen as *not* being racist is beyond me. For many years we've shoved a white-centric value of beauty on African Americans, especially women, to change their natural hair into something more "manageable" looking without understanding or maybe even caring that it takes much more time, effort and chemical processing for this to be done. I suppose the young boys at this school could get their hair very close cropped, but again, that's a lot of trips to the barber shop and I honestly don't see where that leaves the girls.
HopeGianna1378172391 HopeGianna1378172391 3 years
The fact that the school allowed her to wear this hairstyle the previous school year without penalty, places in question their legal right to exclude her in the current school year. If they permitted such to take place while the law was currently on the books, why is it not okay now? Schools don't have the legal right to pick and choose when to enforce rules. If you do it for one, you do it for all - all the time - no exceptions. If you don't follow it once, you've just created a legal loophole to be argued to have that law or rule stricken or excluded for the person in question.
mrsb2013 mrsb2013 3 years
Well, I also said I didn't agree with them banning her. They should have taken a different approach to this situation. ESPECIALLY if she was not already a troubled student. And they said that there was no proof of her wearing her hair this way last year. Obviously that is pretty reaching, but if you take this case to court, physical proof is all they are going to want. Usually in the handbook they have examples of what they are talking about. At least in the papers I have to sign for my kids. Multi-colored hair, unnatural colors, dreadlocks, corn rows, afros, mohawks, and designs shaved into the hair are under that rule. I'm just saying that this was their guideline for enrolling into their school. It is ONLY during the school hours that you have to follow these rules. So you think grade school is too young to start enforcing rules? When exactly do you think we should start teaching our children to follow the rules and respect their authority? And when should they learn there are consequences for when you break those rules? You teach your children the role of their authority figures and that if they do something wrong or make them feel uncomfortable to report it immediately. Other than that, you do what you're asked. Part of being an adult is following rules, even if you don't really like them. And, as parents, we are raising our children to become responsible adults.
Patricia14860038 Patricia14860038 3 years
Sorry for the typo. Should have proofed that before posting.
Patricia14860038 Patricia14860038 3 years
Like I said, I don't think it matters who made the rules, this interpretation of them is wrong. The policy does not actually specify dreads or ethnic hairstyles. This school district didn't want student's hair fashions to be faddish or distracting. Since this style was worn the previous year without any administrative action, it is clearly not distracting. Stating that they don't want students to have faddish hair, what does that leave? I am sorry that you have to sublimate who you are at work, but this is a public school, not a workplace. And finally, as to your opinion of "conform", look it up. Following rules in the very basic tenet of conforming.
mrsb2013 mrsb2013 3 years
Following rules is NOT conforming. That is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. We have rules for every aspect of our lives. Religion, driving, living in an apartment complex, living in a neighborhood, work, SCHOOL, voting, etc. This school board knows what it wants for their schools. EVERY school has dress codes and guidelines. Some schools do not want boys to have longer hair. They have the right to make these guidelines. If they are so bad that you are going to have a conniption over it, HOMESCHOOL! You can dress however you like. I'm not saying I agree with banning her. It should have been dealt with differently. And Patricia14860038, your rant was ridiculous. This is about a school having rules and enforcing them. It has nothing to do with the riots and KKK for crying out loud. I absolutely agree that those were ugly and unfair times and the black community has come A LONG way from those times. Obviously it's not enough because they are still discriminated against, but that has nothing to do with this situation AT ALL! No, I don't think she looks bad or trashy or anything. But like I said, rules are rules. I HATE some of the rules at my job. I HATE that I have to make sure every single tattoo I have is completely covered. I'm great at what I do and I've been promoted several times because of that and having tattoos obviously has not held me back. BUT, it is work policy that they cannot be shown. I don't even work with customers directly. I sit in an office by myself all day long...But if I want to keep my job I have to follow that rule. That's life. You can't just pick and choose which rules to follow and which ones to ignore. They are there for a reason. I went to a junior high and high school that was mostly black, and believe me, there are a ton more hairstyles that will work that AREN'T "Americanizing" as you say. Like I said, these rules and guidelines are the handbook that parents must read and sign. In another news article, it states that this school is 99.9% African American. Do you guys think they just decided to be racist towards ONE of the MANY black students there? That is an absurd conclusion to jump to. There was a black girl at my junior high who got sent home for wearing a red ribbon in her hair because it was a gang color. A white girl also wore a red ribbon in her hair and she did not get in trouble at all. THAT is discrimination. I think you guys are confuse about the word discriminate.
Patricia14860038 Patricia14860038 3 years
Regarding some of the previous comments: Wow, like, oh-my-gosh. No "fad" hair styles. So is it okay for girls to wear short hair? Permed hair? Probably don't even have to ask if it's okay for the boys to have long hair. If this idiotic policy is to prevent "fad" hairstyles, this beautiful girl child is wearing exactly the RIGHT "do". Sure doesn't get more natural than dreads or a fro. This isn't about "Americanizing" her hair, it is about trying to make her look more "white". The parents weren't "forced" to send their child to another school - - they could have just waited for the school district to expel her. Yeah, right, so blacks in the South weren't "forced" to sit in the back of the bus either, they were just arrested if they did. And what is it with "she is beautiful, despite what her hair looks like"? She is beautiful, period. I don't care what percentage of black citizens make up the people who have made and enforce this policy, it needs to change. Then there is "rules are rules" and we should make our children conform so they will "respect authority". Don't tip toe around what this is: Discrimination - Racism. I grew up in the 60's. I went to civil rights rallies. Guess it was just about people who didn't want to follow the rules. Darn straight. I mean, why should people complain about segregated schools, bathrooms, drinking fountains, hotels, restaurants, one-step-from-slavery jobs & pay, or piss and moan about being preventing from voting or living in fear of the KKK? Just follow the rules. I am thinking about tearing my own hair out this makes me so crazy. Peaceful civil protest against bad "rules" (read "laws") is a proud part of this country's history. The right to bear arms, after all, was included in the Constitution, the highest law of our country because the founding fathers did not want to leave an unarmed populous at the mercy of an armed and oppressive government. I could go on and on, and, believe it or not, I am not a political or social radical or even a super conservative. Personally, I don't like guns and dreads would be a challenge for my straight hair. I am sorry these parents did not feel confident enough to stand behind their daughter and work for changing this situation, though I can understand their desire to protect her from further harassment. It isn't just about this family or this child. It is about all of us. To sum my ranting; THIS IS WRONG.
Danielle14859594 Danielle14859594 3 years
I don't care what city or state or school this is. no school should ever have to humiliate a child cause of their appearance everyone has their own view on what is exceptable for all ethnicities it don't matter. I don't understand why these schools are being so harsh on the
Tracy14859545 Tracy14859545 3 years
It is an ETHNIC hairsyle, she doesn't look dirty or frumpy!! Get over it!!! There is a lot worse things to worry about !!!!!!
mrsb2013 mrsb2013 3 years
Also, she was not FORCED to go somewhere else, her mother made that decision. I've seen this story on other news channel websites and this does not seem to be giving that full story in the article.
mrsb2013 mrsb2013 3 years
Actually, if they are 99.9% African American, how are they being racist? It is so easy to jump to that conclusion when you see an image of a little girl upset. But if it is in the handbook than it is in the handbook. What does it teach our children if we drop the rules because it hurts their feelings? This is why children do not respect authority these days. We sets rules, rules hurt kids feelings, we drop rules, kid gets what they want. What kind of lesson is that? I feel bad for the little girl, I really do but rules are rules and it is up to the parents to make sure their child's dress code is compatible with that of which is in the handbook, hair included. Did these parents no read the handbook before signing it? Also, yes, dreadlocks and afros ARE a fad. There is no ABSOLUTE reason to have your hair in dreads other than the fact that you like them and afros can be cut short so they do not appear to be distracting. I'm sorry, but I ALWAYS read what I sign, ESPECIALLY the papers my children bring home from school. If these parents did their daughter's hair this way the previous year, than they broke the rules back than, too. There just wasn't a responsible adult enforcing the rules the way they should've been. We have to teach our children that we don't always get what we want. I had my nose, eyebrow, and lip pierced and when I started the job I am currently at, I HAD TO take them out. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. I also had to rinse the red out of my hair because it was not a natural color, and make sure that my tattoo on the back of my neck is covered. I thought it sucked at first, but hey, that was the company's policy and if I wanted to work there and make a pretty decent living, than I hade to follow those rules. This is NOT discrimination. This is people not paying attention to what they've signed and getting upset when they break the rules that they agreed to. Like I said, I feel for the girl, but this is really her parents fault for not paying better attention.
CoMMember13631166098074 CoMMember13631166098074 3 years
yeah they went to far i think some hair lets say codes should be in afect like pink hair or blue u know but u know people let the schools do it and get away with it so this is what we get same with the BMI screaning they r now doing in some schools if we as the people ALL dont stand up for what we stand and want then things will get worse if it was me i would do one of two things 1 get as many girls white black anything and do there hair evry way they say not to if u got 50 or more they cant aford the lose of all those kids being out of school lol or do they want the rep,,, for expeling that many kids lol that would fun to watch on the news lol or get a hold of the school list of kids and see if the other parents like this isuse if not have them call in there kids sick cause of a bad hair day haha but ud have to have lot of kids that to would be nic on tv KIDS BSD THERE FRIEND UP
CoMMember13625442921332 CoMMember13625442921332 3 years
Shame on them for their discrimination.
CoMMember1363115132183 CoMMember1363115132183 3 years
This is clearly racism. Wearing your hair naturally despite of your background should be accepted everywhere. Young girls have enough to worry about with being stick thin now this!! It's disgusting!!! In America today to hear this.... it's beyond disgusting!!! Absolutely SHAMEFUL!! I hope the parents sue the school district!! This poor little girl!! I pray she realizes she is beautiful despite of what her hair looks like!!
SarahJones47619 SarahJones47619 3 years
This is shocking, she doesn't even seem to have dreads, it looks like she has rows, either way, there is only so much you can do with textured hair like that. And it is natural for her ethnicity, What is next? banning blondes because it is too "provocative" or something silly like that.
Jenna-Gill Jenna-Gill 3 years
StephanieTownsend StephanieTownsend 3 years
I'm not even of African American decent and I think this is ridiculous!!! This poor girl.... This school should be ashamed.... Talk about damaging the self-esteem of this little girl.... It's not like she put some wacky odd color in her hair or shaved a picture.... they're dreadlocks how is that any different than a braid???
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