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Girl Forced to Wear Shame Suit For Violating Dress Code

School Forces Teen to Wear "Shame Suit" After Violating Dress Code

What's the proper punishment for a student violating a school's dress code? How about making them wear a neon yellow shirt and bright red sweatpants with the words "DRESS CODE VIOLATION" written across them? That's exactly what Orange Leaf, FL-based Oakleaf High School made 15-year-old Miranda Larkin do on the third day of school when she arrived wearing a black skirt about three to four inches above her knees. A new student at the school (the family recently moved there from Seattle), Larkin did not know about the dress code and was given no warnings.

According to her mom, "She put on the outfit in the bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror and just broke down. She started sobbing and broke out in hives." Aside from her daughter being humiliated, the mom now feels that the school's actions — making her daughter wear clothes that stated her transgression — violated her privacy.

"I feel that by putting a kid in an outfit that says what they did wrong across their chest and down their leg is taking their private records and making them public," Diana Larkin says. "That's a clear violation of their privacy rights." The family is filing a complaint with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, as the school district stands by its decision.

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JasmineAngel12205 JasmineAngel12205 3 years

People are such hypocrites. Even if this girl's underwear were visible (which they weren't) that's no reason for the school to "shame" her. Shaming is a form of bullying and should not be performed by the school. When I was in high school, I would see boys sagging their pants all the time. Their underwear was showing, but nobody ever said that they were asking for girls and gay boys to sexualize them. And this school's very particular dress code is not "common sense". Rules vary from one place to the next and they should have explained the rules beforehand. Personally, I believe that humiliation is a totally unacceptable punishment for any child in any situation.

KarenCook35816 KarenCook35816 3 years

I can tell you that at my son's school there are double standards. There are dress codes in place where girls are not allowed to wear spaghetti strap shirts or dresses, dresses or shirts that are low cut or shorts/skirts that are too short. There are also dress codes for boys such as no baggy shorts, pants must be at waist level, yada yada yada. However, NO ONE does anything about girls that violate the dress code. You see girls walking around my son's school that dress like they are working a street corner but no one says or does anything. However, the boys will get sent home if they so much as think of violating the dress code. In case anyone is wondering,, no my son never wears anything that is even remotely against the dress code nor do his friends but he has witnessed other boys getting sent home for dress code violations. My personal opinion is that the administration at my son's school are a bunch of pervs and enjoy looking at the teenage girls dressed in shorts and shirts that leave little to nothing to the imagination.

CynthiaRamirez48712 CynthiaRamirez48712 3 years

I wear mini skirts with boy shirts under cuz no matter how carefull I am at bending im still giving some kind of shot...I know this from years of wearing short skirts n dresses and NOT at 15 my parents wouldve choked me out and if u did they would have no shame siding with the school..come on parents your daughter did violate dress code take the consequences n move on...this is why kids do whatever they want...some parents bail them out for everything let these kids learn consequences of life unless youre filthy rich then do what they do n pay them off or let your child learn..who cares she got embarrased sometimes thats the only way to reach these self absorbed disrespectful n disregardfull for people n society kids...

ChelseaDuarte7484 ChelseaDuarte7484 3 years

The skirt actually was short for a private school. However, I do not feel the punishment fit the crime. They gave her no options. It stated in the video that she should have been able to choose from 3 options. She was given no options. Also if she had to wear sweats for a day, that is punishment enough in itself. I don't believe a student should be shamed in front of their peers by wearing "Dress Code Violation" across her chest in big, bold letters. I completely understand where she is coming from there. It is humiliating enough to be a new student, you don't need to heap shame upon her like that. A little compassion and understanding would have been nice in this instance. After all, don't we all know what it's like to be young and have the desire to fit in with your peers? Don't get me wrong, I do believe she should have had some form of discipline because it is her responsibility to know the dress code of her school. What I don't agree with is shaming children so harshly unless they've bullied or shamed another student. In that particular instance, it may be beneficial to the student so that they could feel what it's like to be in that place themselves. The punishment should fit the crime though.

teresaclark1370470863 teresaclark1370470863 3 years

How would you like to be treated like that in your work place? I bet if your boss did that to you, you would be at a lawyers office in no time flat! Do you really think that they can be humiliated just because they are kids! No one deserves to be paraded like that.

teresaclark1370470863 teresaclark1370470863 3 years

A very good one if you ask my husband! lol

kjforce kjforce 3 years

OMG...What ever happened to positive reinforcement ? Sounds like the Educational system needs a time out. Yeah this is the way to teach someone a lesson , humiliate, berate and embarrass them through intimidation and bullying. I see Adults using these tactics everyday...and we wonder why our youth have problems ?
We learn through POSITIVE not the way, speaking of dress code, has anyone looked at the world of the "workplace " of late...this includes the TEACHERS..
talk about offensive and unprofessional....what ever happened to role models ?
Fashion/trends have always been an issue....My personal feelings are enforced dress codes in ALL schools, eliminating this issue....just my thoughts

JacquieBrown1389456641 JacquieBrown1389456641 3 years

Isn't humiliating someone purposely a form of bullying? She should have been told her skirt is too short and given the option to call home for new cloths, and this be the only warning. Not sure how the school can get away with that. Think about it people.......your new to a school the last thing you want is to stick out, you want to blend in and make a few friends. Of course she is going to be upset.

Marissagomez1395422533 Marissagomez1395422533 3 years

This is moronic. Parents are trying to teach their kids they should be above the rules cuz they are spoiled and entitled little brats whose shit doesn't stink. You're not helping your kids by doing that. They made us wear that stupid shirt in high school too. And when you register for school they give you paperwork weeks before school actually starts with the schools rules so she can't say they didn't know. That means she's a moron who just didn't read the paperwork. Her own fault.

Chiquitabanana1399399059 Chiquitabanana1399399059 3 years

No that's barely a punishment at all. Broke into tears? What a wimp! What's with girls wanting to dress like they're looking for attention like that? School is a place for education not a pick up joint. The whole family sounds like a bunch of whiny babies.

teresaclark1370470863 teresaclark1370470863 3 years

When my daughter was in elementary, they had teachers that dressed like call girls, "no joke" this one liked to wear skirts up to her mid thigh and socks right below her knees, with a tight shirt and a little half sweeter. I remember telling my daughter "when you grow up please don't dress like that". I swear I never seen so many unemployed dads picking up their kids, half of them probably didn't even have kids going there, they were probably paying the neighbor to let them pick up their kids. rofl

teresaclark1370470863 teresaclark1370470863 3 years

Our schools did the uniforms years back but never stayed with it, they dropped the ball so to speak and the irony of it all, they are now complaining about what the kids are wearing. But I did like the uniform because it put everyone on the same level.

TaraFilowitz1374162636 TaraFilowitz1374162636 3 years

Yes, blame the boys having hormones for oversexualizing girls. How about blaming the parents who bought their daughter this skirt in the first place? I would NEVER allow my daughter to go to school in anything that would misconstrued as overly sexual. School is not the time or the place for this - which is why this girl was in violation of the school's dress code.

TaraFilowitz1374162636 TaraFilowitz1374162636 3 years

When you violate a school dress code, you are publically breaking the school's rules. Wearing a gym outfit with a "dress code" violation isn't a hateful tactic, it's a smart way to ensure that the student does not repeat the infraction AND that the school will get the clothing back (as there is not an unlimited budget for buying dress code violators new outfits). The parents were informed of the rules when they registered their daughter, as well as the consequences - it is there option not to enroll their child there, but if they do, they need to adhere to school policy. So typical of this generation and parents of students who think that there little angels should not be blamed for anything they do. This girl is 15-years-old, she's not a 6-year-old who cannot think through consequences. She made a conscious choice to wear a skirt that was inappropriate. Her parents made a conscious choice to BUY their daughter a skirt that was inappropriate. But, yet again, it's easier to blame the school for your poor judgement and parenting.

JenniferDeFillippo JenniferDeFillippo 3 years

Oh, Robyn!! PLEASE believe it!!! I am the mom of eight children, all grown now...but I can well remember years ago, when they were in school...Many MANY times the principal of our 1st el. school would make a public announcement to the entire student body @ their thrice weekly assemblies: "Oh, I see that the D-- family is all here. I think we can begin our assembly now!" Can you imagine?!? My kiddos never breathed a word, probably not wanting to upset us, but needless to say, when we did find out, we were appalled! And you can believe that we let them have it, too!!! We finally pulled the entire family OUT of that school ~ long story ~ & transferred them to another more traditional school nearby & we never had that problem again!! :)

Jade1382063831 Jade1382063831 3 years

Humiliating a person is far more horrible a breach of moral code than wearing an inappropriate skirt. Power does not give the right to humiliate. The shame is on the teacher who felt that it was okay to treat a person this way.

teresaclark1370470863 teresaclark1370470863 3 years

My daughter dresses as her school tells her to BUT if by chance she
didn't at some point, I would not agree with this schools behavior and an outfit with "DRESS
CODE VIOLATION" written on it is to much and the school has taken it to far. The school could have had the pants without the wording on it and that is the point!

teresaclark1370470863 teresaclark1370470863 3 years

REALLY!!! she is lucky she is not being beaten for this? are you kidding me! crawl back into the woodwork lady and we will pray you are childless!

teresaclark1370470863 teresaclark1370470863 3 years

Where are the schools standards? You forget that your wonderful president put the NO STUDENT LEFT BEHIND in place not the parents. lol

teresaclark1370470863 teresaclark1370470863 3 years

Do you bend over with you ass up? most people bend at the knees. If you look at the skirt as she is standing there her fingertips are above the hemline, which IS dress code!

teresaclark1370470863 teresaclark1370470863 3 years

Shame on the school for using hateful tactics on our children. It is NOT the schools place to humiliate our kids or to punish them in public, this punishment should have been between the student, her parents and the school officials but not the other students!

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