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Little Girl's Failed Attempt at Her Dad's Magic Trick Is So Much Better Than the Real Thing

Daddy's magic followed by Inara's attempts.... don't think she's quite ready for BGT 😂😂😂 To use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please email Ha yeah actually!

Posted by Keira Langman on Saturday, November 4, 2017

On the spectrum of magic tricks, the famed "disappearing act" is probably one of the most impressive illusions. So, when little Inara Langman attempted the feat, we weren't too disappointed when she didn't suspend our disbelief. In fact, her multiple failed attempts were honestly so much better than the real deal.

After watching her dad, Tony, disappear behind a rising blanket, she decided to give it a whirl. As her mom Keira filmed, we all got a front-row seat to the best magic show in town. Sure, she accidentally gave viewers a few clues as to how the disappearing trick gets pulled off (a big magician no-no), but her dedication to the craft is something to behold.

AaaaAaaaAaaaAaaah, magic!

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