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Girl Removed From Class over Her Hair (PHOTOS)

Girl Removed from Class Over Her Hair

Would you let your teen daughter dye her hair this color?

Hurricane Middle School in Utah is raising eyebrows over its decision to suspend 15-year-old Rylee MacKay over her newly red locks. School administrators determined that the new hue isn't "on the spectrum of color that grows naturally," and is therefore a distraction to other students.

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RobinGiesen RobinGiesen 3 years
You ARE KIDDING me, RIGHT???? Even if she went to school with Blue hair, any distraction that you are talking about would MAYBE last a day or two!! Maybe you could find something else stupid to worry about???? Sheesh!
CamarraScullark CamarraScullark 4 years
Do they not realize that if not a distraction before, she may very well become one now, because of their actions.... NOT because of her very naturally occuring hair color? IDIOTS!
DanielleJones496 DanielleJones496 4 years
This is just insane to me and overly judgemental. She's a child. Let her experiment with her looks. My best friend used to dye her hair blue, purple, even green in middle school/high school and guess what? No she's a high payed VP for a financial firm. If she didn't experiment with something as temporary or harmless as hair dye who knows she may have gotten tattoos. The school should be more concerned over her acedemics and attitude than looks.
Amy4298347 Amy4298347 4 years
Please share our story
Heather4729047 Heather4729047 4 years
That is stupid in 7th grade my daughter wanted blue in her hair so I did a few highlights of blue can't believe some people kids want to explore. That is their right.
Grace4314172 Grace4314172 4 years
WTH! SERIOUSLY! There is absolutely nothing wrong with her hair! Its beautiful! The school really struck out on this one. I thought it was the pinks, blues and greens that were not allowed as those are "not naturally occurring".
Amy4298347 Amy4298347 4 years
This is my daughter YES she is 15. yes she is in middle school. We do not have a junior high. Middle school is 8-9 grade. High school starts in 10th grade. Yes she looks mature and I look you g for 40 we are often asked if we are sisters. But that is not the point of our story. Her hair fit the dress code, we did not change it! The photo was taken by me when she was kicked out. There is no surprise blue in the back. It's just as simple as the story states. We did nothing to change her hair and the school allowed her back in. They have not apologized nor have they even commented to our requests. I don't care if we are a conservative community it's about her civil rights and her right to an education. She is an honors student with not so much as a tardy. They are telling her that her physical appearance is the most important issue. Besides I'd rather my daughter experiment with hair dye instead of drugs and alcohol. So please support us and defend the real issue here. Stop questioning her appearance and age and the fact it's called Middle School.
Angel4249905 Angel4249905 4 years
My hair has been this color . This is Insane !!!! Protest !
Alexandria4195150 Alexandria4195150 4 years
I have seen tons of women around here have their hair dyed that color! It really is nothing new around here! I think that principal don't go out much or isn't a woman!
Pamela4185663 Pamela4185663 4 years
That is BS i am half irish & half mexican, that is my natural hair color. I think it looks beautiful.
Debi4180779 Debi4180779 4 years
This is ludicrious!! Her hairstyle is by no means "radical." Sheesh...I have the exact same haircolor and believe me, I do not like radical hair colors. It's very natural looking, even if it does look purple in the sunlight (which is due to my hairdresser adding purple to the dye to enhance the color.) Maybe his ex was a red head and he just hates all red heads, who knows!! I hope the mom fights this because it's totally not fair.
Stacey4170854 Stacey4170854 4 years
The administration at this school must have nothing better to do with their time. It's absolutely ridiculous! There is nothing wrong with thus girl's hair. It looks a pretty natural color to me and I've seen some crazy colors! The school should stop wasting this child's precious learning time & worry about more important problems!
Erin4169019 Erin4169019 4 years
I think it is ridiculous to suspend her for dying her hair red. It looks beautiful. I can see if they die their hair pink or purple or green, but come on RED! The Utah school district should be ashamed of themselves! There are much bigger problems to deal with than someone with red hair! So lame!!
Julee4160631 Julee4160631 4 years
dont we have enough bull shit in our world going on for reals what a fucken joke ja ja people get a life .
Amanda-D Amanda-D 4 years
That is the most ridiculous thing I have heard of!!! I think the parents are the ones that make decisions for their child when it comes to their hair and body!!! NOT the freakin school system! They should only control the safety of the children and the learning environment but not the childrens appearence when it comes to hair!!! I agree short shorts and low cut shirts and pants falling down is not acceptable. But hair color!!! Give me a break!!!!
LeannaKincannon LeannaKincannon 4 years
The administration is looking at the wrong thing. They need to worry about children bringing guns to schools, selling drugs, having sex, babies having babies, skipping school, being disrespectful to adults. Those things are important. I have a two year old and a four month old girls and you mean to tell me she cannot express her feelings...then I have a problem with that as a concern parent. SMH!
Lesley4137859 Lesley4137859 4 years
her hair color looks completely natural to me, and I have dyed my hair the most horrible shades of red in the past- ARE THEY CRAZY? what is she was of Indian origin? and dyed her hair with henna as part of her culture- would they suspend somebody over that too? THis is one crazy world we are living in. GUN CONTROL NEEDS ATTENTION NOT THIS!
Lorraine4090175 Lorraine4090175 4 years
I agree with Mindy Sarah and the next lady xxx madness and uniforms should be axed altogether let children learn grow flourish express there look they should only be suspended for bad behaviour not how they look they would enjoy school and learning so much more if they could be happy and enjoying learning very silly rules and I bet the teachers all have skeletons in their closets what they looked like what they did at uni , hypocrites simple as that and abusing their power , Out Prime Minister left his 8 year old daughter in a pub he had gone to lunch with his family and the "FORGOT" their daughter!!!!! He is running our country in the UK that's disgusting and he should have been sacked !!!!!
Lorraine4090175 Lorraine4090175 4 years
That's a very natural colour are they blind ??????? It's beautiful so everyone with this natural colour should be suspended NO!!!!!!! Very wrong and a bad school I was expecting sky blue pink green with red dots and a bad cut this is really crazy!!!!!! Don't dye it back and stick up for her everyone poor girl xxxxxx
Dawn4013493 Dawn4013493 4 years
Our situation is almost identical to that of Kayleen's. We had the same issue here in Cape Coral, FL My daughter is a 16 year old student at Mariner High School. She is a wonderful, talented AP student. When she came to me wanting to color her hair bright red a couple years ago I was hesitant but decided she should be allowed to express herself.. I also figured I could indulge her this one request as a reward for all of her hard work in school and making the soccer team. After all, she's never in trouble, doesn't do drugs or hang out with the wrong crowd. Since coloring her hair we have encountered issue after issue with the administration at her high school. Of course it began with the hair being a "distraction to the learning environment" then it was her jeans and most recently the length of her skirt. My daughter has missed two AP exams because the administration didn't approve of the length of her skirt. Needless to say I voiced my disgust with the administration. This is a school that receives financial funding from the AP program for which my daughter participates. The administration made the conscious decision to prohibit my daughter from taking two critical exams because of the length of her skirt which leads me to ask what is it exactly that they (the administration) are responsible for? Is it their responsibility to ensure our children are receiving a proper education or is it more important to restrict their education due to what they determine is an unacceptable skirt length? To add insult to injury; there are other children cutting class, doing poorly in school, selling drugs and having sex. My daughter evokes creativity, individuality, independence the ability to express herself. Children like her should be immolated not ostracised. It disgusts me that the adults in charge of our children's education are abusing the power that comes with their positions simply because they can. And believe its more productive to our society to restrict expression and creativity. I have to wonder if these people are allowed to continue to behave in this manner, where will our future Picassos, Mozarts, and Einsteins come from? Or will they simply cease to exist because their hair color or skirt didn't meet the restrictions?
SarahCleveland SarahCleveland 4 years
A couple of things: I want to start by saying I am a teacher in the school district where this happened, however not at the same school. The girl does look older but she is 15. A middle school I our district is 8 and 9 grades and she is. 9th grader. Trust me the story is 100% real. It's crazy to see this much attention. Our school district is fairly small in a conservative community. That being said, the dress code is the same in all schools. While I think what happened here was wrong since clearly her hair is not extreme in any way, it is nice not to look out and see a throng of students with different hair colors.
Mindy4006576 Mindy4006576 4 years
1st natural hair IS that color...2nd off hair color would be the least thing to worry about. When mine where younger, I let them express themselves through coloring their hair and piercing their ears...both boys and my daughter. They had an outlet at an age when they so desparetely needed one. My kids are now grown...son, 25 yrs old, in the Army and no illegitamate children floating around, daughter, 23 yrs old in school and no children either and my youngest son, 21yrs old, working and inlisting in the Army as well. We didn't make things really taboo to them. If they had a question, no matter HOW embarrassing, we answer honestly. Where others where out doing tons of things they shouldn't mine were being responsible teens. They weren't perfect by any means, but they knew if they made a mistake then there were drastic consequences to them. They knew they could come to us about ANYTHING. They thanked us for that after they became adults.
KristenPotter KristenPotter 4 years
My hair IS this color!
Paula3969049 Paula3969049 4 years
Does anyone really check out the validity of these stories? There is no way that girl is close to 15. Try more like 25!
Rebecca3966208 Rebecca3966208 4 years
That's crazy in 5th grade my daughter had pink and black hair. She is now in 8th grade and has black, teal, bright red and purple hair. Before the end of the school year she wants to dye it half green half black and I'm all for it. Currently my hair is black and pink. I don't see a problem with it as long as they are doing well in school. My daughter is in all advanced classes and is currently on the A-B honor roll!!
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