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Girl Scout Troop Left With 6,000 Boxes of Cookies After Hoax

Cruel Hoax Leaves Girl Scout Troop With 6,000 Boxes of Cookies

If there's anything more hurtful than being the subject of a mean joke, it's discovering that your child is the victim. That's exactly what has happened to a group of parents and kids in Oregon. A Girl Scout troop there has been left with $24,000 worth of unpaid-for cookies after trying to fill a massive corporate order that turned out to be a hoax. And as Erin Donnelly, 8, told ABC News, it's no laughing matter: "They placed a fake order on us and they didn't know that it hurt our feelings a lot."

Hopefully, the community's response will help heal those hurt feelings: hundreds of supporters have already purchased half of the unclaimed stash, to show the girls that people with good intentions outnumber those with bad.

Read the whole story (ABC News).

Has your child ever been pranked?

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KarenMoreno80825 KarenMoreno80825 4 years
Can somebody tell us how to help these Girls? It's unbelievable that people don't have better things to do than to hurt these kids. I am so sorry this happened to you girls. Please know not everybody is like this, most people really do care about others.
KimberlyOwen2939 KimberlyOwen2939 4 years
Hmmm, as a Leader and Cookie Manager for over 8 years (and who during their first adventure ordering cookies, followed the then leader advise and ordered waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many cases, for the number of booth sales we had set up - I know the how devastating this can seem - and is). However an order this big seem suspicious - I'm surprised that the Cookie Manager, the Service Unit Cookie Director, someone in the local office or headquarters didn't check on this order.
anonymousanonymous anonymousanonymous 4 years
Really?! One of the moms came up with a clever way to sell more cookies. The mom placed the order which screams, "Scam!" I just wonder what they're doing with all of this extra dough once their kind hearted community pays for these scammed cookies.
RebeccaD97261 RebeccaD97261 4 years
I have been the cookie manager for my daughter's troop for the last three years. I cannot understand this story or why someone wouldn't demand money from the individual. It sounds like a typo on the order form. In our troop we pre-order what we think we will sell and then get more cookies on demand from our service unit manager. Even if we took preorders, if a girl scout came to me I would be very skeptical of placing this order without some type of money up front, knowing if it didn't go through we'd be stuck with the product. I'm sorry to say but on so many levels adults went wrong, the parent for believing the order, the cookie manager for placing the order, the service unit for believing this troop could sell this many cookies and their local council for actually placing this order for the troop without some type of verification. Live and learn.
RosemaryDuffy RosemaryDuffy 4 years
They aren't telling the whole story here. An adult took the order. As an adult responsible for that many children, or as a responsible adult alone, she should have called and verified with the company/person. No one would order that many cookies. Plus if it were that many then some money should have been demanded upfront.
Traci14338623 Traci14338623 4 years
My oldest did the GS thing and we had a large order of 300 boxes from one person for the troops overseas--we were required to ask for half upfront--this story sounds fishy to me...
TammyGundaker TammyGundaker 4 years
Why wouldn't the company that supposedly ordered the cookies step UP and help out? It would show good faith in the company AND be great PR.
JanelleMcMurray JanelleMcMurray 4 years
I've thought this before, but perhaps they should charge people when they order instead of when they are delivered. It's a bummer, but that would stop something like this from happening for sure. I would actually prefer to pay when I order so I don't have to come up with the money when they deliver them 1-2 months later.
Angy14338196 Angy14338196 4 years
I would also be willing to buy some cookies.
DebiMastroniKenyon DebiMastroniKenyon 4 years
I'll buy some cookies and pay for shipping!!!! Tell me how? Or if you'll do it.
MelyndaPingal MelyndaPingal 4 years
That's terrible. Makes me sad. I hope their community can make it right agin
MomOfTwo0516 MomOfTwo0516 4 years
okay, I've been a leader for several years and I cannot imagine a leader or cookie manager ordering that many cookies for one individual without verifying the company and the contact person and making sure the girl(s) got the order correct. What about her parents? Weren't they with her when the order was placed. Isn't it their job to verify the order. I hate to be skeptical but this sounds like a great way to pay for a group trip. $2400 will take you someplace pretty sweet. Unfortunately all GS are not honest. We have troops here that sell cookies for more than they are supposed to and pocket the extra profit. Kudos for ingenuity I guess..
RobinandMikeStPierre RobinandMikeStPierre 4 years
Girl Scouts : put your story on U Tube. Sympathetic people will buy them online
BarbaraTurner82515 BarbaraTurner82515 4 years
I can't imagine what hurt those little girls are feeling. I was in Camp Fire girls and we all fortunately had really good experiences but it's so sad to see our world and country becoming one of simple hate, greed and lust. So disappointing. My heart truly goes out to them all. Hope they can sell them all to lots of good hearted folks.
EricaSchaaf80524 EricaSchaaf80524 4 years
Being a Troop Cookie Manager for the last 4 years, this is heartbreaking and tragic. I hope those who were responsible are prosecuted for their actions and the troop is able to sell those boxes and be able to strive for their intended goals! Cheers for their community to pull together and be the positive outcome!
SavarraValdez SavarraValdez 4 years
If they can be shipped ill buy some!!
Brenda3918891 Brenda3918891 4 years
I hope they find the people or person that did this to the girlscouts and prosecute them...That was just mean...
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