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Girl Swept Away in Tsunami Found Alive 7 Years Later

Girl Swept Away in Tsunami Found Alive 7 Years Later

During a devastating Indonesian tsunami in 2004, an 8-year-old girl named Wati was swept away from her mother's arms while she was trying to take her three children to a safe place. The family thought Wati was lost forever, but they've been miraculously reunited seven years later. 

Now fifteen, Wati says she traveled to her hometown by bus to search for her relatives even though she could only remember the name of her grandfather. She eventually found her grandfather's house  and he immediately called her parents and reunited the family. 

Read the full story (CNN)

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CoMMember13631160470332 CoMMember13631160470332 5 years
As long as we opted for sin we are to die, but what manner of death we don't know. The best choice God gave us is to make a choice: Believe in Jesus and you will be saved and no matter how you die you are assured of being alive again with Him in His glory. If you don't believe this that is why you Question Gods power in the face of disaster.
AngelaMarieCOgo AngelaMarieCOgo 5 years
So happy for them......
KarinLeggio KarinLeggio 5 years
What a great story- this family is blessed!
DondeMoore DondeMoore 5 years
What a miracle! Praise God! It is stories like these that should make those of us that don't believe wake up and maybe realize there is a God!
millielahknight millielahknight 5 years
Miracles do happen,happy for them!
WaunitaRunyan WaunitaRunyan 5 years
And people say, "there are no more miracles"!! this is awesome.
CoMMember13613851036689 CoMMember13613851036689 5 years
What about all the children that were killed or never found? Is that the pure power of God too?
KarenKershaw KarenKershaw 5 years
Wow, that gave me goosebumps... imagine those parents joy at being reunited with their child 7 years after thinking they had lost her forever ... magical!!
FrancesSpencer FrancesSpencer 5 years
Thats a blessing, nothing but the power of God!!!!!!!!!!
CrystalMitchell86205 CrystalMitchell86205 5 years
amazing story!!! So happy for them!!
KatMcTaggartIrons KatMcTaggartIrons 5 years
That is so awesomely sweet, i could just cry. I am very happy for them.
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