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6-Year-Old Uses Medical Marijuana

Would you give marijuana to your child? Colorado parents Matt and Paige Figi say they were “desperate for options” but have resorted to giving their 6-year-old daughter, Charlotte, cannibus oil to ease her debilitating seizures. Charlotte suffers from a rare form of epilepsy that caused her to have multiple seizures and left her unable to talk and walk. Paige says the dosage was approved by a team of neurologists and pediatricians, and once she began treatment the number of seizures dropped from about 300 per week to three over an 8-month-period.

To find out more about Charlotte's treatment, read the whole story on the Huffington Post.

LaurenLundberg LaurenLundberg 4 years
My daughter is on medication for epilepsy... hers is relatively mild, but before we got it under control she was totally unable to learn or function normally. And I know, from experience, that these meds don't come without a laundry list of possible side effects, some pretty scary. So if nothing else worked and this does, then they owe it to their daughter to use it and improve her quality of life. End of story.
Tiffany14774438 Tiffany14774438 4 years
cannabis is not a drug but a cure!!!!!!! i suffer from PTSD depression anxiety and panic disorder...i recently had a bad accident which required 3 surgeries and the first one came 2 years after my accident so having to walk and takecare of my home and 4 kidz caused even more damage cuz my body was trying to make up for my right knee took 6 years for workmans comp to finally address the injury and they only wanted to take responsibility for the original injury not all the residual problems i had due to the fact they refused to treat me correctly for years...i have chronic pain now and they kept perscribing me first ibuprophin, tylanol, percocet, skalaxin, vicodin, lyrica, tramadol, ultram, ultracet, tramadol..most did nothing for pain control and i had 4 kids to takecare and couldnt be all loopy and foggy especially since i wasnt getting relief..then it went to norco, and then fentynol patches 100mg the fentanol finally gave me the relief i need, but almost immediately i started haveing a reaction very side effect listed i was suffering and having an increased allergic reaction the more i used it till i went completely insane and my friend demanded to take me to my pain specialist. i was in a state of complete confusion and outta my mind iwas swelling itching and my throat was starting to tighten..he took me in and realize im allergic to codine which is a derivitive of an opiate he diagnosed me as opiate intolerant took me off which i then went in to withdrawls and decided that it was not an effective way of treating me we discovered that the norco 2 3x's a day gave me good relief but i would itch terriblely and had panic attacks that i was going to die from it..i live in california and at my own cost started a holistic and natural path to pain control which included cannabis my pain specialist was all for it and i was still in pain but could manage it and was able to tend to my kids effectvely, plus i was able to clean some what ...i had stop all meds outta fear cuz of the fentynol including my depression meds cymbalta and abilify and didnt take my anxiety meds cuz it was to loopy reacting to me...i went back to mental health because i was struggling... i went thru hours and hours of testing and telling different drs. the same disturbing and traumatizing life stories i told them everything so finally after a month i went to get my script and they told me that i tested positive for marijuana and that that was a problem the psyche dr would not prescribe my meds with thc in my symptoms i told them again it was pain and nerve control dr approved inliue of all the addictive and potentionally dangerous opiates they were perscribing he says well u cant take cannabis i wont give you your psyche meds till you get on my approved pain regimine of opiates...REALLY?? they are freakin crazy wont give me my meds unless i stopped my approved cannabis script in a state where its legal cuz he didnt approve siting you might have a server drug mix reaction ....i told him i have been using pot since i have been 12 dianosed with adhd cuz my mom wouldnt give me riddlin and have never had a adverse reaction and im able to be coherient with my kidz unlike the opiates he was demanding i return to...needless to say it has been 2 years no psyche meds and allot of unstable episodes due to my unability to aquire my psyche meds...its so hard and i dont understand God gave us the plant for medicinal puposes and cuz it doesnt promote addiction and fatten pharmicutical companies wallets they decide they know better than god and demand we take drugs that kill us and our family units....cannabis is a cure for so many diseases, syndromes, disorders and not one recorded death and has been thought to cure and prevent some of the most deadly and debilitating afflictions...i have found now that i dont need those psyche meds now that they are designing canabis and discovering different strains to aleviate most my guys...
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