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Girlfriend Getaways

Need a Break? Book a Girlfriend Getaway

Pack your bags and don't look back. When some mothers need a break from their daily routine, they plan a night out with friends. Others look for a more extended escape, they gather their friends together for an overnight retreat.

Recent studies show that female bonding activities can help manage stress and may contribute to longer lives. Many women are taking a cue from these studies and booking excursions to spas, beaches and shopping destinations across the country and abroad. Unlike family vacations to similar locations, women find that traveling to these locales allow them to reconnect with friends and leave stress behind. The practice has become so popular that Budget Travel magazine recently launched a supplement specifically for this audience called Girlfriend Getaways.

For our 30th birthdays, my former college roommates and I celebrated with a relaxing long weekend in Mexico. Used to carting a diaper bag and my kids, it was wonderful to adjust to all six of us sharing one bag for the beach. After a few days of uninterrupted conversation, lounging by the pool and toasting rounds of cocktails, I returned home to my husband and children revived and ready to be mom again. Now, I'm counting down to our 35th birthday trip!

Do you indulge in girlfriend getaways?

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NyckieRocks NyckieRocks 8 years
Two of my good friends and I are actually taking 2 days in Vegas next week! It's only a 3 hr drive, and perfect for a few days away! We are all in much need of a Momcation! And I also am planning a weekend in NYC with my best friend and my mom in October to see our favorite band in concert. They haven't seen my son since December, but I told them they'd have to visit us after we move to Florida (from Cali) because I want a few more days just for me! I love my son but I can't wait to get away and just relax!
melinda19 melinda19 8 years
they do ?? you can only see one frontside. I most definitely take mommy getaways. My friends and I are heading to Chicago via Amtrak in 2 weeks. Can't wait. We have vacationed on Sanibel and Clearwater Beach. The older the kids get the longer and farther we plan on going!!
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