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Girlfriends in the House: When Your Ex-Husband's Girlfriend Parents Your Kids

Girlfriends in the House: When Your Ex-Husband's Girlfriend Parents Your Kids

Girlfriends in the House: When Your Ex-Husband's Girlfriend Parents Your Kids

Thanks to the bizarre antics of Charlie Sheen, the perennial debate over whether or not an ex-spouse’s new girlfriends should get involved in parenting has bubbled to the surface. Moms everywhere shuddered when Sheen’s two 24-year-old porn star/model girlfriends, “the goddesses,” pronounced on TV that they’re assisting in the day-to-day childcare of his twin two year-old sons.

Sheen can insist that there’s nothing wrong with that picture, but authorities removed his two sons from his custody, and a growing number of divorced Circle of Moms members disagree. They say they worry about how their own children fare when they’re with their ex-spouse’s new love interest.

Why can’t the girlfriends just leave the kids alone? is the collective cry of moms in Circle of MomsMoms Dealing With Divorce community.


Jessica W. says she worries about the influence of her ex-husband’s live-in girlfriend (who is also her former friend) on her daughter, Lexie.

She's not good with kids. I\'ve seen how she treats his nieces and nephews and I don\'t like what I\'ve seen,” she says. \"What scares me is her being around Lexie, my little girl.”

Sherilynn D. doesn’t like having to deal with her ex-husband’s 20-year-old girlfriend’s immaturity: “Every time I have to talk to him on the phone she has something rude to say,” writes Sherilyn. “When our kids go to visit him she makes rude little comments. I don\'t do baby momma drama, so I don\'t know if I should just let it go or if I should say something. It\'s really starting to get to me.\" Though there is not much a mom can do to change who is in her ex-husband’s company when he\'s with the children, here\'s some advice from Circle of Moms members that may be easier for a mom to cope:

“Hang in there!!” says Sarah F. “Unfortunately you have no say when you child is at their father's house in who they hang out with. Don\'t let her words get to you. My ex\'s once told me that she was a better mother to my son than I was. Guess what, my son hates the lady. The only way you will be able to keep her from your child is if you can prove her unfit. Good Luck.”

Carol M. assures moms that the girlfriend won’t be loved more by the child: “No other girl is going to replace you in your child’s life. You are the only woman and mother in your child’s eyes.”

In the controversial bad boy Sheen\'s case, a judge called a halt to the \"goddesses\'\" involvement in his sons\' life, and police removed the twins and issued temporary custody to their mother Brook Mueller.

What do you think? Should an ex-husband’s girlfriends be involved in parenting your children?

The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of, and should not be attributed to, POPSUGAR.

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