After living the life of an officer-in-training —running hurdles, shadowing a patrol, even enduring pepper spray — on The Secret Life of a Soccer Mom, Jeannie McCoy declined the scholarship and spot in the police academy that she was offered at the end of the show.

To see how her husband influenced her choice,


While the stay-at-home-mother of four did struggle during the rigorous training, wanting her children to know that they could do anything, she fought through proving to be one tough cookie.

It is understandable that this mama wants more quality time with her kids, but it seemed like it was her obstinate hubbie, Pete's stance on the issue that seemed to cement her decision.

While Pete is already a police officer, he certainly didn't act like a gentleman barely acknowledging her accomplishment and providing no support. And, considering that Jeannie stood by her man back when he was in the academy, at the very least he owed her a lil R-E-S-P-E-C-T!

What would you do if your partner tried to persuade you from following your heart?