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Giveaway: $100 Gift Card to Celebrate Food Month

Giveaway: $100 Gift Card to Celebrate Food Month

To kick off Food Month on Circle of Moms, we're giving away a $100 gift card!

To enter this giveaway, just tell us in the comments what kitchen item you would most like to buy for your family.

Please note: You must enter before June 5th, 2012 at 11:59pm PST to be eligible. Check out the full list of rules here for more details.

CassieHooker CassieHooker 4 years
A toaster oven. My kids like cheesy toast, and a few other things that would be so much more conveniently made in a toaster oven than a conventional oven. With no long preheating time, and in a fraction of the cooking time!
StacyShepley StacyShepley 5 years
A meat slicer. We buy half a hog and a quarter cow every year and I would love to make my own sandwich slices without all the additives.
NicoleMiller19785 NicoleMiller19785 5 years
A Juicer! For healthier habits! Would love to make everyone fresh Juice!
SuziVerbanick25024 SuziVerbanick25024 5 years
Ice Cream maker so my kids can make the flavors they like
TanyaSmith52802 TanyaSmith52802 5 years
Would love a slow cooker, but hubby doesn't like stews etc so very frustrating....
nupurshah426 nupurshah426 5 years
some cast iron pots and pans and a good quality chopper to make cooking faster and healthier
nupurshah426 nupurshah426 5 years
some cast iron pans for healthier cooking, and a good chopper
CoMMember13613810134049 CoMMember13613810134049 5 years
An Ice Cream maker.With a toddler and her father who LOVE Ice Cream and me being lactose intolerant,I would rather make it at home to avoid horrible dyes and artificial ingredients,lactose and all that sugar! We grow our strawberries,raspberries and mint. Mmm home made Ice Cream! Plus a 2L tub of lactose free Ice Cream is like 9$,way too much if you ask me!
CoMMember13628855916322 CoMMember13628855916322 5 years
new skillets, ours are peeling....
CoMMember13628978027593 CoMMember13628978027593 5 years
Having a new non stick pan set would make cooking dinner so much nicer :)
JackieWeber71178 JackieWeber71178 5 years
A juicer would be great! There is too much absorbic acid in store bought juice for my son to explore new juices!
JudithGreen23817 JudithGreen23817 5 years
Judy Green A food dehydrator. My husband loves Jerky and spends way too much on it
LauraWunderle LauraWunderle 5 years
My husband and I got a lovely hand mixer as a wedding gift over four years ago, and with all the homemade goodies we concoct, one of the beaters broke about a year into our marriage. Somehow, we've never been able to replace the mixer, so we're always using our lopsided, one-beater mixer, which is rather inefficient, honestly. I would love to finally replace it!
EmilyLafferty EmilyLafferty 5 years
I would love to by a Food processor so I could make my daughter more healthy recipes!
HallieBurgess HallieBurgess 5 years
I would really really love a vitamix blender
SarahHarvie9397 SarahHarvie9397 5 years
I really need a food processor or blender. There are so many healthy and yummy receipes I find but they seem to always need that appliance.
TeresaValenzuela TeresaValenzuela 5 years
Our family could definitly use a new juicer! its been a quick and easy way to increase our veggie intake without the kiddies knowing it.
LyzVillarreal LyzVillarreal 5 years
I would love to buy the Ninja 1100 blender! It's so awesome!
JenniferStevens10770 JenniferStevens10770 5 years
New mixer because everyone we've ever owned has broken or overheated :(
Laurasmith53407 Laurasmith53407 5 years
A new microwave. Have been without one for a while LOL
JenniferHopkins57719 JenniferHopkins57719 5 years
A juicer! I would love another avenue to get fruits and veggies inside mine and my kiddos bodies! :)
AngelaWhitley AngelaWhitley 5 years
A Vitamix! Once my youngest starts solids within the next month, it would make things a lot easier than steaming, pureeing and freezing all his foods. Time is a commodity now with 3 boys under 4 years old, a full time job and a husband who works 16 hour days but I still want to ensure I make all his foods!
carriecristodero carriecristodero 5 years
A new toaster!
HeatherChurch84370 HeatherChurch84370 5 years
A bread machine. My kids love breads with fruits inside and this would be a great way for us to make these breads in the summertime when it is too hot to heat up the oven.
DebbieCashwell DebbieCashwell 5 years
A new stove, ours is in the process of dying lol
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