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Giveaway: Win an iPad 3 with Squiggles!

Giveaway: Win an iPad 3 with Squiggles!

April is Fun Month on Circle of Moms! To celebrate, we're partnering with our friends at Lazoo to give away an iPad 3 pre-loaded with a cool new educational kids drawing app, Squiggles! 

To enter, simply browse and tell us in the comments what your favorite Lazoo product is for a chance to win an iPad 3 loaded with the Squiggles app!

Please note: You must enter before April 12nd, 2012 at 11:59pm PST to be eligible. Check out the full list of rules here for more details.


Lazoo is a quality-conscious lifestyle children’s brand and media property emphasizing award-winning design, creativity, and play. Lazoo products all embody the same core mission: to foster a child’s creative process, encourage self-expression and empower the imagination.

Squiggles! is available on the App Store.

Image Source: Lazoo

GenevieveDeschamps GenevieveDeschamps 5 years
the coloring/drawing app looks fantastic! kalelngen at gmail
CharlotteAllen11134 CharlotteAllen11134 5 years
Imagine That! coloring book. charallen at gmail dot com
CharlotteAllen11134 CharlotteAllen11134 5 years
Imagine That!
RyanHealey RyanHealey 5 years
My daughter loves to draw and add stickers so their apps would be perfect for her. Her imagination would be limitless with all the options and colors the app offers.
Kristy35612 Kristy35612 5 years
I like the polo shirts because they are part of my kids school uniforms
CoMMember13629915961351 CoMMember13629915961351 5 years
Love the coloring books!
AmberC78582 AmberC78582 5 years
I think the shoes and clothes are cute. My kids would probably all love anything to do with coloring books as they love to color.
JenniferCawood JenniferCawood 5 years
Gotta love the boots!
Rebecca20372 Rebecca20372 5 years
I enjoyed the vibrancy of their clothing line. Will pass their site along to other moms for sure!
JenniferCawood JenniferCawood 5 years
My daughter has an abcession with shoe at 2! I would definitely be getting some rain boots they are so cute. Also to note her lil sis will be getting some socks that look like shoes LOL.
JamieTaylor95499 JamieTaylor95499 5 years
Love the coloring books!
AlexandraKauffman AlexandraKauffman 5 years
I love the live size books! My son would love the life size aquarium!
karizmagarlic karizmagarlic 5 years
I love everything! It's so cute. I really like the coloring book.
MelissaThompson18087 MelissaThompson18087 5 years
My daughter would love the All About Faces Book. She giggles when ever she sees a smiley face on any toy or picture. Glad I previewed this site. Lots of neat things to look into further.
cjohnson4366 cjohnson4366 5 years
My daughter loves the coloring books!!! Xoxo
RaquelArciniega RaquelArciniega 5 years
I love the All About Faces book. This would really help my son who has autism learn about faces!
AlliSpiker AlliSpiker 5 years
I love the Lazoo Ballerina Romper! Too cute!!
CynthiaMoore52508 CynthiaMoore52508 5 years
I love the Lazoo polos. They wash well, hold their color and shape. And my daughter loves the cuteness.
Wendy29953 Wendy29953 5 years
My daughter would love the washable faces book. Lazoo has such cute things!
hulagirl28 hulagirl28 5 years
Love! Great stuff my girls would love. The ballerina romper and doll are cute.
MelissaBrummettSmith MelissaBrummettSmith 5 years
love bobu the monkey, my nick name for my son is monkey and this is my favorite!!!
CoMMember13614957911404 CoMMember13614957911404 5 years
My daughter would love the coloring books and the clothes are super cute!!
MeredithHendricks MeredithHendricks 5 years
I know my son would be very entertained by the washable faces book. And he would be thrilled with the plush giraffe. He loves them right now. Thanks for plugging this site.
TiffanyCastaneda TiffanyCastaneda 5 years
My 2yr old absolutely loves to draw and color so the lets color coloring book would have to be our favorite.
CoMMember13631171967979 CoMMember13631171967979 5 years
I love the coloring books. My son would love them too!
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